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Physical wreck: There will be snot

I'm a physical wreck this weekend, from head to foot. Some new shoes are fine for me, but the ones I wore on Thursday resulted in three blisters: one on each heel, and another on one of my toes. I'm sure the shoes will settle down after a couple of wears, but in the mean time, I've got bandaids on every time I leave the house. And I've got a head cold. It's not at the top of the scale when i

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Double excision

From time to time some of my blog posts are about personal stuff, rather than the wider world. This is one of those posts. Yesterday was a day of excisions. I had many thousands of hairs excised from my head at the barber. Easy. And I got the lump taken out of my leg. You may recall from my last post the quandary of paying for private vs getting it done in the public system. Multiple h

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For many years I've used Herbal Essences shampoo. While I hated the ads, I liked the shampoo. But recently I've noticed tell-tale white residue on my clothes. Oh no. Dandruff. Not nice. So I've switched to anti-dandruff shampoo for a while. It doesn't smell as nice, but it appears to be working.

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Warning: This post has been flagged TMI (Too Much Information). You have been warned. Hair on my head gets lopped off by the barber every month or two; whenever it seems to long (getting wavy at the top is usually the indicator for me) and I have the inclination to stop looking like a long-haired weirdo (as I often did in my teens) and get it cut. Facial hair comes off daily with my electric

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Bowen belly

Unbelievably, just hours after lamenting with Marita about how some of us in the Bowen family are prone to upset tummies, I felt the same myself. The Bowen belly had struck yet again, though not as badly as some other times. This comes after my sister and her toddler were struck down with something last week. Why are we so delicate? Beats me. So having lost a couple of hours' sleep overnight

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More from the TMI department. I can still feel the after-effects of Sunday night. I don't feel sick, but I can feel the strain my stomach went through. You know how you hear about people who can't throw-up. Physically can't. I'm not in that position, but I'm probably not far away from it. Even when I've got some kind of nasty present, and it's necessary for me to do it to feel better, it tak

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From good to bad

Sunday started out so well. Long sleep in. Stroll down to the shops to buy ingredients for muffins, and get a newspaper. Lunch with globetrotting Doug in Kensington, where he was in residence for the morning. (Marita and I rolled in as some of his other friends rolled out). Much laughter with the discovery that Doug had watched the Hungarian National Day fireworks in Budapest in 2004, whi

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The one thing you don't want to do is mis-time your toilet breaks. A couple of drinks and a chat with a fellow geek from New Zealand in the pub last night. We get up to leave. Ahh, that was a nice drink. Nothing much going on just at the moment, says the bladder. We part outside Flinders Street Station, he's bound for the tram stop, I head for platform 6. Well you could go now, but it'