Proper nouns

A name is a proper noun. Under the rules of the English language, proper nouns are to be written with capital letters. Obviously this kind of rule can be ignored for stylistic reasons, such as for corporate logos. But in normal writing, such as you might find in a newspaper article, that's a rule which should be pretty much followed, right? So what makes K D Lang so special? It's fine by me if

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(Note: exaggerated whinging) A gaggle of teenage girls on the train yesterday morning, joyfully debating the benefits of getting off at Malvern or Flinders Street. (huh? They're miles apart). It eventually became clear that they were heading to St Kilda. (Why not any of the myriad of other stations then?) But then they started on the activity that most train goers would dread the most: yes,

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Indicator rant

Look, I know it's hard to use your car's indicators properly. Having that little switch so close to your hands on the steering wheel, and remembering to use it to... err... indicate... obviously there isn't enough training in this when learning to drive. I'll give you a few specific hints though. To the guy in Prahran on Sunday morning: When you're driving straight across an intersection,

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Dear PHL

Dear PHL970, You know where you exit off the Westgate Freeway, onto Kingsway? Well you know how there are three lanes turning into Kingsway? You know how there are solid lines there leading from the freeway exit, around the corner into Kingsway? Well the general idea is that you follow the lines. So if you're in the left hand lane from the freeway exit, you end up in the left hand lane on Ki

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The queue

Man I hate it when I'm looking for a big piece of coloured card for one of Isaac's projects, and I dash into the newsagent that merged with the post office, look around, and they don't have any. Then further down the road I dash into the post office that merged with the newsagent, and they have plenty, $1 a pop, I'll take two thanks, and oh damn there's only one queue, and one guy serving. I'm

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If I ran the world

People who wanted their supermarket transaction split-up into separate $30 bills just to take advantage of "spend $30 for 4 cents per litre off petrol" and other such deals would have to queue up again between dockets. The expression "I'll let you go", which is meant to sound like the person is doing you a favour finishing up the conversation but in fact means "get off the damn phone, I'm tired

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I don't think I've ever shouted at the television in frustration before. Certainly not when I was on my own, nobody else to hear it. I don't consider myself an angry person by any means, and it took several steps to get there before it all boiled over. Step 1 was doing ironing and wanting to find something to watch. Step 2 was finding nothing worth watching. Step 3 was giving up on findin

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What the F--- do you think you're doing, Mr White Stationwagon? Where the F--- did you get your driver's licence? Why the F--- do you think you can decide as you're driving through an intersection in the left hand lane, that you are suddenly going to turn right, across three lanes of traffic, cutting me off as I'm about to turn right the other way, leaving my car helplessly stuck in the intersecti

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For the second day in a row this morning one of the builders was needlessly blocking the driveway with his ute. It's one of those bright red ones that is way too new and shiny for a builder's ute, and I bet he never drives it onto proper building sites where there might be mud and other such things. The driveway in this place is a wide one. Convention is that people park on the side next to the