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Myki “hacking”, and jumping at shadows – DON’T PANIC!

Some people got just a little too hysterical last week when news of a security vulnerability in Myki came out. The story broke on Monday, but it wasn't until Wednesday that the mainstream media got hold of it, with the Melbourne Times running it first, spreading rapidly to The Age, AAP, 3AW and others -- and along the way a good deal of misinformation came into play: MORE than 1.1 million My

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An end to secret tramways business

One day in 2008, Marita and I went to a party, and I blogged about the trip there on mysterious tram route number 7. I concluded: In my book, in most cases the secret numbers shouldn’t be used. If a tram is travelling along a substantial part of the route, it might as well use the same route number. Most people won’t care that it doesn’t make it quite all the way. Or it could use a suffix such

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A quote from forty years ago today

But solution of our problems involves hard cash. Of this, at present, public transport is getting less and less. ... (Minister for Transport) Mr Wilcox emphasises that Government action depends largely on public demand. If such demands are not made funds go elsewhere. He says that while the motor car owner readily provides funds for road building, there is no public transport users' ass

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Progress in the PT debate

The PTUA's Annual General Meeting was last night. There was some optimism amongst the committee and membership about where public transport is going since the change of government, but even before that, the political debate has been moving along nicely. An example we talked about last night... At a parliamentary hearing last year as part of the Train Services inquiry, the view that buses don

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Voting for PT

So how am I voting tomorrow? No comment. But I will tell you what I know about the policies on my pet topic: The Greens, as you might expect, have the best, most comprehensive public transport policy (though it's not flawless by any means). Of course, we all know they are unlikely to be forming a government next week... though there's a slim chance they might hold the balance of power, and t

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Both sides to build Southland Station

I'm very pleased. After years of pressure, both major parties have pledged to build Southland station. The Liberals promised it last week, and yesterday the ALP came to the party. (As recently as last week, I ran into ALP's Rob Hudson at Bentleigh station and he said he was pushing for it. At the time I'm not sure I believed anything would come of it.) Southland was extended in the late-1990s a

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Some reading for Cup Day

The Public Transport Users Association has outlined the extent of this maze in a diagram showing the many agencies, quangos, private companies and safety bodies running the state's public transport. -- The Age Here is the diagram: Read the full feature article at The Age: The Great Disconnect. PS. Given part of the article was about how hard it is to find the right bus stop at Footscr

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Myki trams and buses: day one

A journo mentioned a certain MP this morning was quoting some transport-related sections my blog -- presumably the favourable ones, such as the post that talked about the Myki transition plan. While my posts here do not necessarily represent PTUA policy, I suppose this blog is part of the mix of being an advocate -- so I don't have a big problem with that, provided it's taken in context. So, wi

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The new timetables

Nice placement, fellas. Was that part of the plan? But the real news is that it turns out the new Frankston/Pakenham/Cranbourne timetables introduced in June have had a noticeable effect on punctuality. Metro figures presented by CEO Andrew Lezala at last week's PTUA member meeting show that in the first two weeks of the new timetable, morning peak punctuality for the Caulfield group jum