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Today the Kyoto protocol comes into effect, at least in the countries that have signed up to it. Of which ours isn't one, so unlike most industrialised countries, we (along with the US and China) can blissfully keep pumping CO2 into the air, with no legal consequences. A lot of the contributions to emissions come from motor vehicle emmissions, and with that in mind, here's a kind of FAQ. The fo

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Am I a has-been before I've even been a been? One of the kids at the school: "You used to be on TV!" Ahem. Yeah kid. Once or twice. ... Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson on the return of (and apparent changes to) the Daleks: "If ever you've laughed at them, prepare to have the smile frozen on your face..." (SFX via Outpost Gallifrey)

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The whole New Year's Eve debacle saga that I wrote about a few months ago came bubbling back up to the surface today. The trains will run all night, as well as more frequently straight after the fireworks. Herald Sun: Trains all night on New Year's Eve The Age: Public transport plan to avert New Year chaos ABC: Melbourne trains to run all night on New Year's Eve What I find particularl

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How I became a transport activist

...and how pictures make a story real. If there was a Daniel FAQ, these questions would feature in it: Why are you involved in the Public Transport Users Association? What's in it for you? And can I tell you about how late my train was this morning? Perhaps another long rambling retrospective is in order. Prehistory Why sustainable transport? And so... The New Year's Eve story Prehisto

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Get involved

I think it was Alexei Sayle who described people who regularly protested outside the South African embassy in London against the Apartheid regime. When Apartheid finally crumbled, they were shocked that they'd actually won, and didn't know what to do anymore. Over in my little corner of activism land, three of us slogged our guts out during the holiday break on the issue of New Years Eve transp


Both sides of the coin

This morning I did the direct action human pop-up thang, helping to hand out brochures at Melbourne Central about the impending closure of the station's busiest exit, so they can detour people around via the shops - the greedy money grabbers! Reactions from passing commuters included: indifference (understandable when you're the third person to try and hand something to them, after the jewe