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Call now!

The state and federal governments have been splitting up government businesses and selling them off. To introduce competition, they say, to improve services. So now the Victorian police are having problems responding to crime. 45 minutes to get to a burglary, that sort of thing. So I was thinking... they should do the same thing: privatise the Police. Perhaps they could split them into Hillside P

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Well, that's another election over and done with. Thank goodness that unbearably whiney Hanson has been denied a seat in parliament. Maybe now she'll shut up - though I wouldn't count on it. As it happens, we spotted Jeff Kennett on Saturday, in Geelong. It was from a distance, but definitely him - I'd recognise that hair anywhere.

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I’m baaaaaack!

I'm baaaack! Actually I'm back a bit early. Just in time to put up with the dying gasps of the last few days of the election on Saturday (my local member really expects me to vote him back in with THAT beard and no moustache?!?), and no hot water or gas cooking because of a statewide gas shutdown. Okay Sydney, I'll stop joking about your water now. No more jokes about Auckland's electricity either

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Live from Canberra

Is it just me, or does the Federal Government have absolutely no imagination? PM John Howard is trying his darndest to back Australia out of binding targets for greenhouse gas reduction, which quite frankly is pretty embarrassing to a lot of Australians, myself included. I mean, I can certainly commit myself to reducing my own greenhouse gas emissions before 2010, but it probably won't help very

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More nuclear tests

As I write this, the French are detonating nuclear bombs in the Pacific. And so, this week's moron of the week is Jacques Chirac, who has defied world opinion and common sense, and gone ahead with the first of the new series of French nuclear tests. Why? Well, no-one's really sure. Actually, today we saw some demonstrators outside the French consulate here in Melbourne. Yep, the full bit. The whi

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French nuclear tests

The thing that's been on everybody's lips this week has been the decision of the French government to resume nuclear bomb testing in the South-Pacific. Reaction has been swift, with at least one group starting up firebomb testing at the French embassy in Perth. But the French Government continue to refuse to reconsider on the tests. It's about time our government here in Australia got serious abo