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Fahrenheit 911

Fahrenheit 911. Controversial? A tad, yes. Finally got to see this on Friday, just a day or two before the long-awaited Iraqi elections. The stuff about the business relationship between the Bush family, their friends and the various oil interests in the region was very interesting. I can't agree with Moore's visions of a peaceful, happy Iraq before the invasion -- that's flying in the face of wha

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The whole New Year's Eve debacle saga that I wrote about a few months ago came bubbling back up to the surface today. The trains will run all night, as well as more frequently straight after the fireworks. Herald Sun: Trains all night on New Year's Eve The Age: Public transport plan to avert New Year chaos ABC: Melbourne trains to run all night on New Year's Eve What I find particularl

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US elections

Much interest around Australia in the US elections. I suppose just like the Americans, we're keen to know who will be leading our country for the next four years... The problems with electoral fraud do amuse me a little though. With these kinds of problems, is this really the shining light, the bastion of democracy? Let alone the reported thousands of lawyers standing by to fight tooth and nail

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So, let me get this straight... You can start an illegal war based on flawed evidence that most people didn't believe, then refuse to apologise for it (even when your allies admit their mistakes). You can pretend the war hasn't impacted our safety, while security specialists are warning otherwise. You can form alliances with a party that even the Queensland Nationals describe as "the luna

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Busy snippets

Been very busy these last couple of weeks. At least, that's the excuse I'll use for not getting through my To Do list. Was listening on the radio to some Australian election campaign news, then to some American election campaign news. And it strikes me that we don't have anything like the big rallies they have over there. And the noticeable difference was that as a result, the Americans get a s

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Last straw

Right, that's it. I've had it with this government. It was one thing lying about Children Overboard and going to war despite being told it would increase the threat from terrorism, telling us it would decrease the risk. (See here for the ALP's list of Howard's lies, and here for the Liberals' reaction.) But this: the PM spamming? I've long taken the attitude that won't buy something advertis

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Did we get fooled again?

Last night I found myself watching some of the Concert For NYC, in particular The Who's performance. I'm still not going to splurge out on their forthcoming concert (dubbed rather cruelly by one friend as "Who's left?"). But this four song performance from 2001 is great music. And remembering it in context, very moving, a gesture across the Atlantic, reaching out to a shattered city. What I fou

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The guinea pig

Tonight I'll spend an hour being a guinea-pig. The Sunday Herald-Sun have enlisted my help in researching the effects of passive smoking. My task is to sit on a station platform for an hour (better take a good book), not cringing away from smokers quite as much as I usually do, and then go and perform a urine test. My reward for this joyous activity? Merely the knowledge that I'm contributing t