Photos from ten years ago

Photos from ten years ago – September 2003

By September 2003, I was using the digital camera a little more.

Yum yum yum — doughnuts at the Queen Victoria Market
Queen Victoria Market, 2003

One for the gunzels — trains in the yards outside Spencer Street Station (click here to see it bigger)
Trains outside Spencer Street, 2003

Here’s one showing the old Spencer Street building… I think those who complain about the new station have forgotten just how dumpy it was (though the subway was very handy).
Spencer Street Station, 2003

A better view of one of the platforms. You can see in the background they’re building the Collins Street bridge.
Spencer Street Station, 2003

Here’s a Siemens train at Murrumbeena, in its original colours. Not very appealing.
Siemens train showing original livery, 2003

Those who catch Eastern Freeway buses might remember how crowded the old Swanston Street stop used to get at peak times.
Lonsdale Street main bus stop at Swanston Street, 2003

Later in the evening, the central entrance to Flinders Street Station — often left unstaffed.
Flinders Street, centre entrance, 2003

Me in the garden in the rented house in Carnegie, trying to keep the lawn under control.
Mowing the garden in Carnegie, 2003

Down in Cheltenham, Southland Station, without its station then… and that still hasn’t changed.
Southland - no station, 2003

Photos from ten years ago

Ten years ago: Pics from August 2003

Another in my collection of photos from ten years ago…

Murrumbeena, in the days of M>Train. I quite liked the logo and slogan (“Moving Melbourne”) — less sure about the colours, and of course the splitting of the network into different operators was silly.
Murrumbeena station, August 2003

2003 was probably the best fall of snow at Mount Donna Buang that I’ve ever seen.
Mount Donna Buang, 2003

A 360 degree (and a bit more) pan from the snow… click to see it bigger.
Mount Donna Buang, 2003

Yep, this is probably a tram. (That building in the background on the left is the Melbourne Sports Depot… which is now a big EB Games. See, the geeks have taken over from the jocks.)
"Probably a tram" (2003)

On the 26/8/2003, my first TV appearance on behalf of the PTUA. I was nervous as hell.
Daniel's first PTUA media, August 2003

Photos from ten years ago

Photos from July 2003

Continuing my monthly series of photos from ten years ago…

By mid-2003 it was almost four years since privatisation of trains and trams, but as you can see from this photo in Swanston Street (at Lonsdale Street), many trams still had The Met liveries. This tram stop (with interchange to many Lonsdale Street buses) has since been deleted.
Swanston Street, July 2003

The skyline looking southwest across the CBD. I assume just across the river it’s the Eureka Tower that’s under construction.
City skyline, July 2003

A Melway display at the Melbourne Museum, spoilt slightly by the fire hydrant sign.
Daniel at the Melbourne Museum, July 2003

Melbourne CBD street signs, also at the Melbourne Museum.
Melbourne Museum, July 2003

After our trip to the museum, we caught the train home. I think a Wiggles Concert had been running, and the train was packed — not helped by the common practice at the time of running short trains on weekends. Since then, we’ve got long trains all week, and doubled services on the three busiest lines.
Crowded train, July 2003

I moved house from Glen Huntly to Carnegie this month. As part of a clearout, I disposed of this old computer. (This clip was originally posted at the time on Google Video — a service which has since been retired.)

Moving day: I hired Gronows for the job. It appears they’re still in business, so 104 years and counting.

Photos from ten years ago

Pics from June 2003

Continuing my series of posts of 10-year-old photos

The Railway Museum at North Williamstown is closed currently, due to safety issues. As a kid I’d visited many times, and I was able to take my kids there too.

Railway Museum, June 2003

Selfie with the kids, from the top of Heavy Harry.
Isaac, Jeremy, Daniel, June 2003

Near the museum, parked in a siding was an M>Train Comeng train. This carriage was looking a little the worse for wear — it had been involved in the Broadmeadows runaway train incident in February 2003.
Near North Williamstown station, June 2003

The other end of the train looked a little healthier. I didn’t mind those colours, and the slogan was quite good.
M>Train, June 2003

Another bit of M>Train for the gunzels: Rail substitute bus stop sign, circa 2003.
M>Train bus stop sign, June 2003

From later in the month… Evidently it was a cold winter that year.
Daniel is cold, June 2003

Photos from ten years ago

Some more photos from May 2003

Once upon a time, green bags weren’t actually green:
When green bags weren't green (May 2003)

Signage in High Street… not a great job done there with the relative placement of the No Left Turn and Tram Stop signs:
High Street, Prahran (May 2003)

The then-new multi-storey carpark at Elsternwick station:
Elsternwick railway station carpark (May 2003)

Who says you can’t take home bulky goods on public transport, if you have your friends to help? One weekend I observed this:
Taking home a washing machine on the train (May 2003)
Taking home a washing machine on the train (May 2003)

Photos from ten years ago

More of my photos from ten years ago: May 2003

This might become a regular series. Following my posting of old photos from when I first got my digital camera, here’s a batch from early and mid-May 2003.

This building next to the Orica building in Nicholson Street (near the corner of Lonsdale) looks like it’s two-dimensional, at least from some angles. Worth a look in person if you’re around that area.
2D building, Nicholson Street (2003)

Outside the Exhibition Buildings (or was it the new Museum?) were these bits of old buildings from elsewhere in Melbourne. Are they still there? These pieces looked like Lego.
Outside Exhibition Buildings (2003)

Around this time, Yarra Trams were removing large numbers of seats from B-class trams. In this photo for the PTUA’s “BYO Seat” campaign, John checks the time of the next tram, seat at the ready.
BYO tram seat (2003)

Speaking of trams, here a tram still in Met colours (though without any logo; this was almost 4 years after privatisation mind you) pulls into the old Federation Square tram stop.
Federation Square tram stop (2003)

Remember Swanston Street when it was supposedly, but not actually, “car free”? (Even today, errant cars never seem to attract police attention.)
Swanston Street, Saturday afternoon (2003)

Sadly this is still about the limit of tram priority in Melbourne (though a trial of actual traffic light priority for trams is underway on route 96).
Someone's idea of tram priority - Victoria/Nicholson Streets (2003)

Murrumbeena station one night. Yes, this panel still had a Met logo.
Murrumbeena station (2003)

Finally, here is my desk at work, back in 2003. Probably tidier than today. To the right you can see my old organiser/diary. These days I tend to put my appointments into Google Calendar, and sync them to my phone.
My desk (2003)

Melbourne Photos from ten years ago Retrospectives

I first got a digital camera 10 years ago. Here are some of my first photos.

Ten years ago this week I got my first digital camera: a Canon A70. I’d held on until the price seemed right and they did a half-decent job of video recording (as my old Video-8 video camera had given up the ghost a couple of years before).

I assume I only started with a fairly small memory card, as it looks like I deleted my first ever digital picture — and the second (what we now know as a “selfie“) was at low (640×480, or about a third of a megapixel) resolution.

The second digital photo I ever took: a selfie (11/4/2003)

The second batch of photos that I still have are from a party from then-flatmates Josh and Catherine’s place in St Kilda. Or was it Elwood? At some point I let Josh play with the camera, and he took a bunch of photos of people I don’t know, and don’t recognise.

Some better/more interesting photos from later on in April (when I’d got a memory card and started using the camera’s full mighty THREE megapixels) include these from an expedition around Melbourne with my friend Danielle when she visited from Sydney:

The Espy — back before tall buildings loomed over it
The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda Beach, April 2003

St Kilda Pier

MV John Batman — note the Cadbury building in the background, which has recently lost its “eyes”
"John Batman", St Kilda Beach, April 2003

Starfish on St Kilda Pier
StaSt Kilda Beach

“That one sweet promenade” — St Kilda Esplanade
The Esplanade, St Kilda, April 2003

St Paul’s Cathedral, under renovation
St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, April 2003