Photos from ten years ago

Photos from July 2003

Continuing my monthly series of photos from ten years ago... By mid-2003 it was almost four years since privatisation of trains and trams, but as you can see from this photo in Swanston Street (at Lonsdale Street), many trams still had The Met liveries. This tram stop (with interchange to many Lonsdale Street buses) has since been deleted. The skyline looking southwest across the CBD. I as

Photos from ten years ago

Pics from June 2003

Continuing my series of posts of 10-year-old photos... The Railway Museum at North Williamstown is closed currently, due to safety issues. As a kid I'd visited many times, and I was able to take my kids there too. Selfie with the kids, from the top of Heavy Harry. Near the museum, parked in a siding was an M>Train Comeng train. This carriage was looking a little the worse for wea

Photos from ten years ago

More of my photos from ten years ago: May 2003

This might become a regular series. Following my posting of old photos from when I first got my digital camera, here's a batch from early and mid-May 2003. This building next to the Orica building in Nicholson Street (near the corner of Lonsdale) looks like it's two-dimensional, at least from some angles. Worth a look in person if you're around that area. Outside the Exhibition Buildings (

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I first got a digital camera 10 years ago. Here are some of my first photos.

Ten years ago this week I got my first digital camera: a Canon A70. I'd held on until the price seemed right and they did a half-decent job of video recording (as my old Video-8 video camera had given up the ghost a couple of years before). I assume I only started with a fairly small memory card, as it looks like I deleted my first ever digital picture -- and the second (what we now know as a "