Old photos from December 2007

Here’s another in my series of ten year old photos, this time from December 2007.

Rain at Flinders Street Station. This shot captured a particular problem with the drainage which saw water gushing down past the door of this Hitachi train. Hopefully that issue is long since fixed, or at least being resolved in the current renovation.
Flinders Street Station in the rain, December 2007

Ever wondered what’s inside one of those Information totems in Melbourne’s CBD? The answer back then was, not much. Also notable: the Port Phillip Arcade, recently demolished to make way for the Metro tunnel, and the old tram stop, pre-platform superstop.
Information totem outside Flinders Street Station, December 2007

The bike path alongside the railway line between Ormond and McKinnon. Grade separation in this section has put much of the rail line below street level, though just here is a spot where it comes back up to get over the Murray Road drain. I think I took this photo to illustrate the poor council habit of trimming trees to a height that was fine for walkers, but useless for cyclists. They’ve done far better more recently.
Bike path between Ormond and McKinnon stations, December 2007

Definitely not resolved yet: speed restrictions at the Glenhuntly level crossing mean that trains, even expresses, have to slow down to a crawl.
Glenhuntly station train speed restriction, December 2007

This photo was documenting fuel prices of the time. For a while the Peak Oil theory has contended that as oil became harder to find and extract, petrol prices would skyrocket. For whatever reason, that hasn’t happened yet — prices are much the same nowadays. In fact petrol is cheaper in real terms: $1.439 in 2007 dollars was $1.78 in 2016.
Petrol prices, December 2007

Monty Python’s Spamalot at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne. At some stage I took my sons along. It wasn’t entirely suitable for children, but I recall they enjoyed it.
Spamalot at Her Majesty's Theatre, December 2007

Christmas morning at the newly completed Southern Cross Station. V/Line and other operators were offering free services, but with very limited services. I’m not even sure if they took bookings or just expected everyone to turn up. This is the departure for Shepparton. Free rides are a nice gesture, but when demand is so heavy, it has to be managed. (Perhaps for V/Line a gold coin donation to charity is more appropriate?)
Crowding on the train to Shepparton, Southern Cross Station, Christmas Day 2007

Things were a little calmer on some of the other platforms.
Southern Cross Station, Christmas Day 2007

A little later on Christmas morning, about 10am, pretty quiet at Melbourne’s busiest street corner.
Outside Flinders Street Station, Christmas Day 2007

…and on the concourse at Flinders Street, which is much the same as it was back then.
Flinders Street Station, Christmas Day 2007

…ditto on the platforms.
Flinders Street Station, Christmas Day 2007

Old photos from November 2007

Bentleigh area peeps: the steam train is back tomorrow (Saturday 25th November)!

Meanwhile, here’s another of my sets of ten year old photos, this time from November 2007.

The month started with a quick trip to Adelaide.

From the looks of Google Streetview, this corner hasn’t changed much except the branding on the grand old bank building.
North Terrace and King William Street, Adelaide

Hook turns – not just a Melbourne thing
Adelaide hook turn at North Terrace and King William Street

We had to visit the tram museum at St Kilda, north of Adelaide, of course, even if the only way to get there was by hiring a car. Here’s a Sydney tram running rides:
Sydney tram at St Kilda tram museum near Adelaide, 2007

…and one of the locals:
Adelaide tram at St Kilda tram museum near Adelaide, 2007

Back in Adelaide, more modern Adelaide trams… that got stuck at traffic lights.
Adelaide trams 2007

This was the CBD tram terminus just west of the main station. At the time, it had only just been extended there, and it’s been extended further north-west since.
Adelaide CBD tram terminus 2007

Diesel Comeng train at Port Adelaide on the Outer Harbor line. Some of the cities suburban services are being electrified and modernised.
Train at Port Adelaide 2007

The train interior will spark memories for those who remember Melbourne’s Comengs before they were refurbished. The Adelaide diesel units are still in use, but are being refurbished.
Adelaide diesel Comeng train interior (2007)

Back in Melbourne, this photo must have been to mark my first spotting of the new “Connex” seat covers appearing on former M>Train Comeng trains.
New train seat cover, 2007

This was an occasional appearance at a rally (this one was “Walk against warming”) from the PTUA and its awkwardly-large banner with the incorrect apostrophe. You can see me holding one end.
Walk Against Warming march 2007

The Bentleigh festival used to fill Centre Road; they don’t run it anymore due to the cost.
Bentleigh festival 2007

Friends used to live in this block of flats on Brighton Road in Elwood, which is why it was of interest. When they lived there it was two levels. Now it’s three.
Flats having 3rd level added, Elwood, 2007

Regulars at Glenhuntly station know the crossing has long caused headaches for pedestrians
Pedestrians wait at Glenhuntly level crossing

…and despite the dangers, motorists loved queuing across the tracks then… and still do it now.
Cars queue across Glenhuntly level crossing

Old photos from October 2007

ZOMG, for the first time since I started this series, I forgot to post photos for October 2007 in October.

And nobody noticed.

Not surprising; I suspect I’m the most amused by these.

Here they are.

First, here’s the classic pic of Flinders Street Station. Basically the same nowadays, but covered in scaffolding for the renovation — back then there was also no tram platform stop adjacent on Flinders Street.
Flinders Street Station, October 2007

This view looking across from the northern side of Federation Square. Somewhere in amongst all that traffic is a safety zone tram stop!
Flinders Street Station, October 2007

Me in the City Square. Less grey hair back then, and the Square itself is now rubble, with metro tunnel construction underway.
In the City Square, October 2007

Also in the City Square, late in October the the Christmas Tree being built.
Building the Christmas tree in the City Square, October 2007

A relative rarity: a City Circle tram heading up Swanston Street, for reasons unknown. This spot has been remodeled with tram platform stops since then.
City Circle tram in Swanston Street, October 2007

City Circle tram in Swanston Street, October 2007

Scaffolding collapse in Exhibition Street — someone chose a poor place to park that day. Thankfully, apparently, nobody was injured. (I see I posted it at the time)
Scaffolding collapse, Exhibition Street, October 2007

Swanston Street: a tandem and a Merc. Well, at least one of them is meant to be there.
Swanston Street - tandem and Merc

My home filing system, whereby everything piles up until I can’t stand it anymore, then I sort through it. Not good. Probably prompted by doing my taxes. I’ve done my taxes for 2017… though I am overdue to do some filing.
Daniel's filing system

Old photos from September 2007

Here’s yet another of my blog posts of photos from ten years ago: September 2007.

Around this time there was a somewhat sarcastic Metlink fare evasion campaign, which pointed out that fare evaders’ trips were subsidised by everybody else, and that fare evaders should therefore offer to buy dinner or mow the lawn of a fare-paying passenger. Someone obviously didn’t like this.
Anti-Metlink/Connex advertising, September 2007

Well before Uber, the Department of Infrastructure would be out and about inspecting taxis.
Department of Infrastructure inspecting taxis, September 2007

In ten years, the room where we have the computers (formerly a formal dining room when the previous owner lived here) hasn’t changed a great deal, though the computers themselves have changed (here we have mostly beige; now the screens are wide, and most equipment is black), as have the kids’ haircuts and pyjamas. It looks like Isaac (left) was watching a Doctor Who video on Youtube, and Jeremy was editing a video.
Computers in September 2007

The shops at Centre Road, Bentleigh. Smartbus liveried buses are (and were) rare on route 703, even though it was one of the original Smartbus routes. In fact, the 703 still doesn’t actually run to Smartbus standards.
Centre Road, Bentleigh, September 2007

Being a geek, I always chuckle at publicly displayed tech that goes wrong. This Windows display had stopped…
Windows playing up, Highpoint, September 2007

…on closer examination it seemed to have lost its network connection.
Windows playing up, Highpoint, September 2007

This pic is from a visit to Tony and Rae, for their Grand Final barbecue (which won’t happen this year because Tony, being a Richmond supporter, will be hoping to actually be at the game). At the time they lived next to the Brooklyn freight line, which isn’t electrified, but runs from Newport to Sunshine. Unexpectedly this Hitachi electric train went past, pulled by a diesel loco. Using the carriage number 37M, I’ve found there are other photos of this day on Vicsig.

And finally…

Craigieburn station, waiting for a train. Ooh, a steam train! No, not actually waiting for that train…
Waiting for the Premier, Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

It was the official opening of the electrification from Broadmeadows to Craigieburn, so then Premier John Brumby and then Transport Minister Lynne Kosky rode a train (from Roxburgh Park, one station back) to be there.
Then-Premier John Brumby at Craigieburn station opening, 30/9/2007

There was a press conference…
John Brumby and Lynne Kosky at the Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

…and then the Premier was whisked away afterwards by car. Minister Kosky stayed to chat to people.
Premier's cars, Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

The media were all over it, interviewing locals, interest groups, and then filming on a train heading back towards the city.
Media on train, Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

Here’s the ABC’s TV news coverage. Since then, happily, the South Morang line has opened, and is being further extended to Mernda. And yes, I am wearing a Cats scarf, in celebration of their win the day before.

Old photos from August 2007

Last day of August, so here is the latest in my series of posts of ten year old photos.

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I think this might have been my first sighting of one of these plastic things on trams, a fitting for a Myki reader.
Myki reader holder on a tram, August 2007

We visited the Moorabbin Steam Locomotive Society with the kids. I don’t think the track layout has really changed since I was a kid. The miniature steam engines are really quite amazing.
Moorabbin Steam railway, August 2007

ACMI had a Pixar exhibition going, with this giant Luxo Junior outside the entrance on Flinders Street (which is no longer used).
Pixar display at ACMI, August 2007

16th August: “RUSH HOUR PAIN”! screams the headline. It was an article about train crowding: A passenger boom has seen the overall number of trips spiral from 124
million in 1999 to 182 million this year – but this has not been matched by more services.

Herald Sun headline, August 2007
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