Old photos from October 2006

Another in my series of photos from ten years ago.

Early October ’06 was our holiday to Hobart. I haven’t been back since, unfortunately, so I have no idea how much has changed and how much hasn’t.

I’m guessing Salamanca Market hasn’t changed too much.
Hobart: Salamanca Market, October 2006

Lock him up and throw away the key.
Daniel in Hobart Gaol, October 2006

Hobart’s General Post Office.
Hobart General Post Office, October 2006

Same location; it seemed to be one of the main bus stops in Hobart. They used the “Metro” name before Melbourne did.
Metro bus in Hobart, October 2006

Pedestrian crossing in Hobart. The notice on the pole doesn’t match the indicators on the traffic light.
Pedestrian crossing in Hobart, October 2006

Back in Melbourne — new services coming, hooray! None for your line, boo!
No extra services for you! Train notice, October 2006

Art in the Campbell Arcade beneath Flinders Street. I blogged about this at the time.
Chocolate Revolution, October 2006

Weekend trains on the busiest lines were half as frequent as they are now, resulting in packed services when the racing was on. (Note the hats).
Crowded Sunday train, October 2006

Sunshine station. This has changed a lot with the Regional Rail Link project; only the overhead road bridge still stands, and I think the signal box has been retained?
Sunshine station, October 2006

Meanwhile at Glenhuntly, there’s now more platform shelter, and the Hitachi trains have gone. Otherwise it’s not so different.
Glenhuntly station, October 2006

Even in 2006, the yellow and red National Bus Company livery was out of date…
NBC bus outside Flinders Street station, October 2006

…as can be seen by this more up-to-date bus on Punt Road. This intersection is set to change radically in the next few years with the “Continuous Flow” layout Vicroads is proposing — which unfortunately will move the southbound bus stop (not shown here) to a position further from the station.
Punt Road, October 2006

Harried commuters exit Parliament Station.
Outside Parliament station, October 2006

Swanston Street at Collins Street, when many of the trams still had canvas destination rolls, and before the superstops were built.
Swanston Street, October 2006

Edit: I missed this one when originally posted: eldest son participating in the Bentleigh shopping centre Halloween Trick Or Treat (at the time organised by then-local shop USA Foods). Those who’ve watched Futurama will recognise Dr Zoidberg.
Bentleigh Halloween Trick Or Treat day, October 2006

Old photos from September 2006

Another in my series of ten year old photos… September 2006.

Most of my photos this month were snapped with my phone camera of the time, the Nokia 6230i. Not bad for 2006, but a bit grainy by today’s standards.

Richmond station, before we got the all-over platform cover. Other than that in some ways it hasn’t changed a great deal.
Richmond station, September 2006

A sighting of the Myki truck, at Birrarung Marr near the Tennis Centre. The smartcard project had been running for a couple of years, but this was when they unveiled the name “Myki”.
Myki truck, September 2006

Here are a couple of grabs from Channel 9 (7/9/2006), with then Transport Minister Peter Batchelor launching Myki. It was said to be planned for operation in 2007 (this actually occurred in 2009), with full implementation in 2008 (actually 2013).
Myki launch September 2006 (Channel 9)

And who’s this youthful looking bloke rambling on about the importance of staff alongside automated tickets? He looks a bit like me, but with less grey hair.
Commenting for PTUA at the Myki launch, September 2006

The Manchester Unity Building, with Burke and Wills looking on. This view has barely changed.
Manchester Unity Building, September 2006

Before there were tram platform superstops across the CBD, there were just “safety” zones. This is Flinders Street, eastbound at Elizabeth Street.
Flinders Street at Elizabeth Street tram stop, September 2006

Nearby, the Flinders Street Station centre entrance. Unstaffed and one gate left open, as was common in those days (and is still common at suburban stations).
Flinders Street Station, Centre entrance, September 2006

An old (even then) 404 bus timetable in Footscray, in one of those ancient “The Met” timetable cases. I’d assume this was from the 1980s. Note the bus was every 20 minutes on Saturday mornings back then. Now it’s every 40 minutes.
404 Bus timetable, Footscray, September 2006

Photographing the moon

(No time to write a new blog post; scrabbled around and found a draft I never completed.)

There’s been a full moon again this week. It was very impressive last night. I didn’t snap it, but here’s a photo from last year when I was first dabbling with my (then new) DSLR camera:

The moon

It requires a bit of fiddling to get good photos of the moon. This page summarises what’s needed: manual mode, of course, ISO 100, aperture f/11, shutter speed 1/125.

My first go isn’t bad, but doesn’t show the detail of professional shots. One of these days I’ll buy myself a better zoom lens and try it again.

Old photos from August 2006

Another in my series of photos from ten years ago.

This rather cool Warholesque tram design was marking 100 years of Melbourne’s electric trams. Well, 100 continuous years. (The Box Hill electric tram ran from 1889 to 1896. The Victorian Railways St Kilda trams ran from 1906. Read all about it here.)
Siemens Warholesque tram design celebrating 100 years of Melbourne's electric trams (August 2006)

Siemens train paralleling an X’Trapolis train.
Parallel trains (August 2006)

Bourke Street at King Street, back when there were tram stops. (Now the trams still usually stop there, due to the unfavourable traffic lights). The distinctive Southern Cross Station steps can be seen in the background, as can the old tram stop, now replaced by the totally unsuitable platform stop. The second tram seems to be shunting, heading back east.
Bourke and King Street tram stops, before they were removed (August 2006)

For my own interest mostly… my lounge room ten years ago. The TV has changed. The poster is gone (it fell off the wall one day). The horrible brown speakers, hi-fi receiver and DVD player are all gone and replaced. The VCR and the old XBox is gone (though we keep both in the cupboard as I still have tapes and old games that occasionally get played). The couch and chair have gone. The light fitting (the only repro one in the house) was replaced by a combined light and ceiling fan. The photos on the mantelpiece have multiplied. That old scrappy blue rug, which I’ve been intending to replace since I moved in, is still there.
My lounge room (August 2006)

And nearby, the computer desks. All the computery bits have since been replaced, and the chairs as well. Alas, the clutter, if anything, has increased.
My desks at home (August 2006)

Queen Street bus stop timetable. In 2010 route 301 was replaced by “Doncaster Area Rapid Transit” Smartbus routes, which improved service frequency, especially outside peak times — the 302 and 305 still exist, though have also had extra services added, particularly on Saturdays.
Queen Street bus timetable, before Smartbus took over (August 2006)

The official Neighbours Ramsay Street tour bus, catering for visiting fans of the TV show. Looks like this is still in operation.
Neighbours tour bus (August 2006)

Old photos from July 2006

It’s the last day of July, so here’s my monthly post of pictures from ten years ago, from July 2006.

Cooking a stew on my ancient stove, with my cast iron pot. Delicious, as I recall. I really should do this more often.
Cooking a stew, July 2006

All the other photos below were snapped with my then brand new mobile phone, the Nokia 6230i, which was the first phone I had that had a half-decent camera, though by today’s standards it was low resolution and many of the photos look pretty grainy.

This was a trial of small Metcard ticket machines at tram stops, selling only a Daily Full Fare Zone 1 Metcard.
Metcard vending machine, July 2006

Train crowding was really biting in mid-2006. These pictures are from Glenhuntly.
Glenhuntly Station, July 2006
Glenhuntly Station, July 2006

A Hitachi train rolls into Richmond. There’d been talk of taking them all out of service straight after the Commonwealth Games in March, but crowding meant they were kept on; in fact the government infamously bought some back from a farmer.
Richmond Station, July 2006

I noticed that despite the tough talk on fare evasion, most of the time, the Degraves Street underpass entrance to Flinders Street was unstaffed. I started snapping photos as I passed by. Eventually this became a PTUA press release and a Herald Sun story. Looking back now: CRT screens, old gates, MX newspaper dispenser, puddle in the subway.
Flinders Street station (Degraves St underpass) July 2006
Flinders Street station (Degraves St underpass) July 2006

Here’s a bit of history: the Metlink branding had been introduced in 2004, but as late as 2006, the central shopfront was still called The Met Shop. The sign on the door refers to the (by then defunct, I think) VicTrip web site. In the background you can see a BATBYGOBSTOPL poster – this was a jokey campaign promoting paying your fare before you travel, but they had a point – the acronym has stuck in my mind: Buying A Ticket Before You Get On Board Saves Time Or Problems Later.
The Met Shop at Melbourne Town Hall, July 2006

Schoolbags lined up in one of the shelter sheds at the kids’ school.
School bags

Corner of Elizabeth and Collins Streets. I have no idea why I took this photo.
Collins and Elizabeth Streets, July 2006