Old photos from September 2007

Here’s yet another of my blog posts of photos from ten years ago: September 2007.

Around this time there was a somewhat sarcastic Metlink fare evasion campaign, which pointed out that fare evaders’ trips were subsidised by everybody else, and that fare evaders should therefore offer to buy dinner or mow the lawn of a fare-paying passenger. Someone obviously didn’t like this.
Anti-Metlink/Connex advertising, September 2007

Well before Uber, the Department of Infrastructure would be out and about inspecting taxis.
Department of Infrastructure inspecting taxis, September 2007

In ten years, the room where we have the computers (formerly a formal dining room when the previous owner lived here) hasn’t changed a great deal, though the computers themselves have changed (here we have mostly beige; now the screens are wide, and most equipment is black), as have the kids’ haircuts and pyjamas. It looks like Isaac (left) was watching a Doctor Who video on Youtube, and Jeremy was editing a video.
Computers in September 2007

The shops at Centre Road, Bentleigh. Smartbus liveried buses are (and were) rare on route 703, even though it was one of the original Smartbus routes. In fact, the 703 still doesn’t actually run to Smartbus standards.
Centre Road, Bentleigh, September 2007

Being a geek, I always chuckle at publicly displayed tech that goes wrong. This Windows display had stopped…
Windows playing up, Highpoint, September 2007

…on closer examination it seemed to have lost its network connection.
Windows playing up, Highpoint, September 2007

This pic is from a visit to Tony and Rae, for their Grand Final barbecue (which won’t happen this year because Tony, being a Richmond supporter, will be hoping to actually be at the game). At the time they lived next to the Brooklyn freight line, which isn’t electrified, but runs from Newport to Sunshine. Unexpectedly this Hitachi electric train went past, pulled by a diesel loco. Using the carriage number 37M, I’ve found there are other photos of this day on Vicsig.

And finally…

Craigieburn station, waiting for a train. Ooh, a steam train! No, not actually waiting for that train…
Waiting for the Premier, Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

It was the official opening of the electrification from Broadmeadows to Craigieburn, so then Premier John Brumby and then Transport Minister Lynne Kosky rode a train (from Roxburgh Park, one station back) to be there.
Then-Premier John Brumby at Craigieburn station opening, 30/9/2007

There was a press conference…
John Brumby and Lynne Kosky at the Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

…and then the Premier was whisked away afterwards by car. Minister Kosky stayed to chat to people.
Premier's cars, Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

The media were all over it, interviewing locals, interest groups, and then filming on a train heading back towards the city.
Media on train, Craigieburn station opening, September 2007

Here’s the ABC’s TV news coverage. Since then, happily, the South Morang line has opened, and is being further extended to Mernda. And yes, I am wearing a Cats scarf, in celebration of their win the day before.

Old photos from August 2007

Last day of August, so here is the latest in my series of posts of ten year old photos.

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I think this might have been my first sighting of one of these plastic things on trams, a fitting for a Myki reader.
Myki reader holder on a tram, August 2007

We visited the Moorabbin Steam Locomotive Society with the kids. I don’t think the track layout has really changed since I was a kid. The miniature steam engines are really quite amazing.
Moorabbin Steam railway, August 2007

ACMI had a Pixar exhibition going, with this giant Luxo Junior outside the entrance on Flinders Street (which is no longer used).
Pixar display at ACMI, August 2007

16th August: “RUSH HOUR PAIN”! screams the headline. It was an article about train crowding: A passenger boom has seen the overall number of trips spiral from 124
million in 1999 to 182 million this year – but this has not been matched by more services.

Herald Sun headline, August 2007
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Old photos from July 2007

Yes, it’s that time when I run out of blog post ideas delve into the photo archive and post another in my series of photos from ten years ago.

This first photo I probably took because I’ve long had a bee in my bonnet about fare gates being left open. But look how amazingly empty Melbourne Central Station looks.

Okay, it was 10pm, but these days it’s much busier now at all times of day and night.
Melbourne Central Station, 10pm (July 2007)

Comeng train periscopes being removed at Brighton Beach.
Comeng train periscopes being removed, July 2007

That time I noticed the IGA in Ripponlea had a massive A-frame sign that looked like it could kill multiple people if it got blown over in a strong wind. As I recall, it disappeared within a couple of months.
Ripponlea IGA massive sign, July 2007

Errant motor vehicles in Swanston Street is not a new thing.
Swanston Street, July 2007

On the roof, trying to clean the lichen off the skylight. This stuff gets everywhere; on the car, on the rubbish bins…
On the roof (July 2007)

On the way to the snow, I think it was at Mount Donna Buang.
A trip to the snow (July 2007)

Good advice at Glenhuntly Station
"Don't be a tosser" campaign, July 2007

An upgrade coming at Bentleigh level crossing. This was installed in late 2007, then ripped out again and replaced with other equipment in 2015, about two years before the entire crossing was grade-separated. Your tax dollars at work.
Bentleigh level crossing upgrade, July 2007

Old photos from June 2007

Time for another in my monthly series of photos from ten years ago… something of a bumper crop this time.

Let’s start with a view over the city from Quarry Park in Footscray. Apparently the Melbourne Star observation wheel had been under construction since 2006, but I can’t see in anywhere here.

I can’t actually see any few cranes in the photo, but in the last ten years, the skyline around central Melbourne has certainly got more crowded.

View from west to Melbourne City, June 2007

Nearby to the spot where the above photo was taken, the Edgewater development was taking shape, and being promoted, of course. I wonder how many people actually moor their boat here?
Edgewater, June 2007

I suspect I was waiting for a train on the evening on the 8th of June, as I snap quite a few photos around Southern Cross.
Southern Cross Station, June 2007

At the time the rebuild of the station was relatively new. This bloke seemed to be setting up the platform screens (since replaced by something more beautiful, though many of the screens are now located behind pillars!)
Southern Cross Station, June 2007

Evidently the 15th of June was a foggy morning. This is Bentleigh station, well before it got rebuilt below street level, and with Hitachi trains still running. Some naughty bloke is riding a bike along the platform. Unwise.
Bentleigh Station, June 2007

Later the same morning, pretty hazy in Elizabeth Street, just north of Collins Street. Since then, massive block-long tram platform stops have been built here, though as of 2017, only route 19 has (some) low-floor trams.
Elizabeth Street, June 2007

Hazy at lunchtime in Swanston Street. This area has been remodelled, also now with tram platform stops.
Swanston Street and Bourke Street, June 2007

Back at Southern Cross, I quite like the blur effect of this Connex-liveried Comeng train arriving.
Southern Cross Station, June 2007

I must have been mucking about with long exposure times. Looking across the platforms to an X’trapolis train.
Southern Cross Station, June 2007

Just this week they announced that A-class trams will be getting internal stop displays, but back in 2007, a similar system was being trialled on this Z-class tram (number 178).
Test screens inside tram 178, June 2007

…it also included this internal display, which hasn’t ended up being rolled-out.
Test screens inside tram 178, June 2007

…and the external LED displays must have been new, or I probably wouldn’t have bothered to snap the outside of the tram. It now seems unlikely Z-class trams will get the full suite of displays, as they’ve started being phased-out as E-class trams are deployed.
Test Z-class tram 178 destination signs, June 2007

Some kind of advertising promotion at Richmond station. Given crowds at this station these days, I wonder if they’d allow such markings on the platform today.
Promotion, Richmond station, June 2007

At Windsor on Dandenong Road, more platform stops were being built.
Windsor tram stop construction, June 2007

East St Kilda. This lane between two houses on Alexandra Street is probably meaningless to you lot, but holds special significance to me. It’s where I learnt to ride a bike.

I’m not sure why I snapped this picture of a Darrell Lea store in Swanston Street, but it’s since disappeared, along with most of the other stores.
Darrell Lea shop, Swanston St, June 2007

Who remembers The Choir Of Hard Knocks? Evidently on the 22nd of June they had an event in the Degraves Street subway.
Choir of Hard Knocks event, Degraves St subway, June 2007

Regent Theatre, promotion for the Priscilla musical.
Priscilla musical promotion, Regent Theatre, June 2007

Old photos from May 2007

Another in my series of ten year old photos.

If you drive out of the car park at Southland, down the ramp from the 2nd level, near the railway line, you may have noticed that there’s a sign there saying to “Give way to pedestrains“. Evidently it’s been that way for at least ten years. Late in 2017 it’ll finally make sense: “pedestrains” are obviously pedestrians walking to the railway station about to open at last.
Southland shopping centre sign typo

Ah, back in the days when Connex ran the rails.
Age headline: Connex fined

This was at Skateworld in Mordialloc. Evidently it had been taken off a train – I’m guessing it’s old Comeng seating, though the seat cushions had been changed.
Ex-train seat at Skateworld in Mordialloc

“Worst fares in Australia”! This was a splash resulting from a PTUA study comparing fares around Australia for different distances into the CBD, which showed that in most (but not all) cases, Melbourne’s were highest. With the 2015 cut for long-distance fares, it’s changed a bit since then.
Age headline: Worst fares in Australia

Here’s the graph for single fares — the thick blue line is Melbourne:
Single fare comparison 2007

And another was done that included a handful of world cities — adjusted for Australian dollars:
International fare comparison 2007

Finally, this was before the wholesale disposal of CRT televisions started. I think the message here is: don’t buy a “Konka” television.
Konka TV dumped