Bye bye Movember

I've got through Movember. I shaved the mo' off. Ultimately, it was always going to go after the month was up. By week three I thought I'd got used to it, but in the final week, the itching seemed to get worse. Maybe I was conscious that it was about to come off. It's certainly more hassle having a moustache than not. If you're clean shaven, you just shave everything each morning; wit


Four days of Movember to go (and a bit of Monty Python)

Four days to go, and here's this morning's picture (in the rain). The whole moustache business reminds me of this Monty Python sketch... skip to 30 seconds in for the relevant line. At this point I'm looking forward to the end of Movember. From a maintenance point of view, it's easier to just be clean-shaven, and I thought I'd got used to the itching, but it still bugs me from time t

Movember, Video games

Movember: any Modern Warfare/Call Of Duty fans want a limited edition USB drive?

Are these Modern Warfare: Call of Duty 3 "Captain Price" USB drives, sent out as part of Movember, really "limited edition", or are there eleventy-billion of them out there? Although I'd normally subscribe to the view that one can always use another USB drive, I'm wondering... would any of you MWCOD fans pledge a donation to Movember to buy it? It's still wrapped in plastic, and with a l

Movember, transport

Movember day 11 update, and a hard-to-get photo

If you won't donate for me growing a moustache, how about for getting this picture? Train, tram and bus in one pic. Despite a train theoretically every minute or two between Flinders Street and Southern Cross, three tram routes (excluding the City Circle) and numerous bus routes passing this intersection, it took a surprising amount of time to get a photo of all three modes together. I w


Movember day 1 (nothing to see here… yet)

As I've mentioned, this month I'm growing a moustache for charity. I'll try and post a picture each morning. Here's the first: day one of Movember. It should probably really be day zero, because under the rules we start clean-shaven. Being Cup Day, I took the time to do the blade shaver thing this morning to do it properly... it does give a closer shave, though I'm not convinced it looks