Here is my

Here is my backyard

It's not a big backyard, but I was never going to be able to afford a big property in the suburbs I wanted. Oh well, there's a large park quite nearby. The fence isn't really that crooked. It's a trick of the photo stitching software. Likewise, this picture makes the backyard look pretty microscopic. It isn't really: by my calculations it's about 13 metres across by about 7 metres deep.

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Here is my grass

This is the nature strip outside my house. I leave it alone apart from organising to get it mowed every so often. All it gets is (comparatively rare) rain water. It's lush and green. I don't know why. This is my front lawn. It gets some greywater, and a regular mowing, but is otherwise left alone. It's a little grizzled, but surviving okay. One patch has a fresh growth of new grass. And

Here is my

Here are my desks

Today I'm working from home. Here is my (still relatively tidy from Saturday's pre-party cleanup) home office. With the new flat screens 'n' everything. You see the stool at the far left? That's got most of the bits of paper on it that were formerly cluttering up the desk. I'll get through those and sort them out properly... soon... I'm working from home because I was waiting for the was

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Here is my stove… and my dinner

It's just about dinner time. I've been attempting (for the first time) to cook a beef stew, a meal designed and built around the half-a-bottle of red wine I had left over from Friday. It's been slowly cooking for about six hours or so, and I'm getting very hungry. Here's what my (ancient) stove looks like: Update 9:30pm. Oh man, that was de-smeggin'-licious. The mushrooms in particular

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Here is my childhood home

We lived in a number of places when I was growing up, but this block of flats at 62 Hotham Street, East St Kilda, was where we were the longest -- seven years, for me from the age of about 4 to 11, covering most of primary school. The place doesn't seem to have changed much at all since we lived there, except that it has shrunk -- the various kids of the block (and surrounds) used to have

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Here are my shoes

Here are my shoes (well, most of them)... I hate buying shoes. There are few activities I hate more. It might be because I've had a very hit-and-miss history when buying. Roughly in order of purchase: MISS -- ancient brown semi-casual shoes [1]. Subject to endless gags from lovely girlfriend (aka fashion consultant) and just about everybody else. Comfortable, if nothing else. HIT -- t

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Here is my wine collection

Here is my wine cellar collection. It sits up in the cupboard. My wine purchasing strategy is as follows: Buy the ones with the interesting looking labels ('cos I know stuff-all about wine) Because I don't consume them at a rate of knots, I buy bottles of moderately cheapish wine, keep it for a few years, then drink it (this accounts for the many bottles of Hardy's Regional Reserve...) Wait

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Here are my newest and oldest clothes

Here are my oldest and newest items of clothing. (Well, if you don't count the socks I bought last week.) The red jumper is an Exacto brand windcheater which dates from probably about 1989 or 1990. It still gets an outing on cold evenings at home, and when painting (note the paint stain, a fairly recent addition). The coat I bought a couple of weeks ago, and I like it so much that I'm we