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Legal precinct stereotypes

In the legal precinct (William Street between Little Bourke and Latrobe Streets, for non-Melburnians), there are three distinct groups of people that strike me as common, but whom you don't see much of in other areas of the CBD: 1. Young men looking uncomfortable in shirts and ties (and sometimes suits) -- eg defendants and witnesses... there are women and older men too of course, but they don

Urban tribes


Some people who wear uniforms (or other specialised clothing for work) are very obvious. The presence of police and other emergency service workers always makes me wonder what's wrong. Other uniforms are less obvious. Someone called Elly Lukas apparently runs a beauty school. There seems to be no end of girls with their hair tied up wearing Elly Lukas special beautician tops on the train and ar

Urban tribes

Common urban tribes: Middle-aged male

Common urban commuter tribes of the 67 NAME: Middle-aged white collar male (Daggus Middleagi) APPEARANCE: Greying or disappearing hair. Striped tie, Hush Puppies. Pullover under jacket on cold days. Plastic raincoat on wet days. ACCESSORIES: Old beaten up briefcase. NEVER has a walkman. Always has an umbrella - just in case. VOCABULARY: Not known to speak, apart from "Zone 1 daily plea

Urban tribes

Common urban tribes: Groovy women

Common urban commuter tribes of the 67 NAME: Groovy women (Hippus floppyhatti) APPEARANCE: Never over 40. Generally wearing boots, a beret, beanie or floppy hat. Short hair and an abundance of black clothing. ACCESSORIES: Gloves during winter. Cloth bag or one of those dicky little backpacks. Probably has a mobile phone, but then, who hasn't? VOCABULARY: Ciao! OTHER ATTRIBUTES: Usua

Urban tribes

Common urban tribes: Young male executive

Common urban commuter tribes of the 67 NAME: Young male executive/consultant (Yuppis Andersenis) APPEARANCE: Double breasted suit or jacket and trousers. Fancy tie. Button-down collar. 55% chance of cuff-links. Trenchcoat in winter. ACCESSORIES: Mobile phone generally concealed about person, but nobody ever calls. Copy of The Financial Review. Briefcase or big leather diary. VOCABULARY

Urban tribes

Common urban tribes: Skateboarders

Common urban commuter tribes of the 67 NAME: Skateboarders (Skatus bigpantus) APPEARANCE: Loose t-shirts, and very big pants. Often with caps on backwards, smelly sneakers. Always bad haircuts. ACCESSORIES: Skateboard, soft-drink bottle, multicoloured misshapen lump which might have once been a bag. VOCABULARY: Mostly complaining about school, or talk of the skateboard spare part trade