Urban tribes

Common urban tribes: Skateboarders

Common urban commuter tribes of the 67 NAME: Skateboarders (Skatus bigpantus) APPEARANCE: Loose t-shirts, and very big pants. Often with caps on backwards, smelly sneakers. Always bad haircuts. ACCESSORIES: Skateboard, soft-drink bottle, multicoloured misshapen lump which might have once been a bag. VOCABULARY: Mostly complaining about school, or talk of the skateboard spare part trade.  ... [More]

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Bad Christmas poetry

Prepare for bad poetry. This is what I wanted for Christmas… (*I got these) A vacuum cleaner that doesn’t drown out the telly Self-changing nappies that don’t end up smelly Price tags that come off without a fight * Neighbours who don’t blare loud music at night Disks that don’t self destruct with my data  ... [More]