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New camera

Obviously the best camera you have is the one you have with you. Normally that's my phone. Sometimes I'll also have my ~4 year old Canon IXUS 115, which is compact, but takes some great photos. But for my birthday I treated myself to a DSLR, a Canon 700D (spotted on sale + cashback offer + birthday contribution from family + birthday present to myself = hard to resist), and have been snappin


View of the city from the outer west

If you catch a train towards Geelong, just after Deer Park, where the train branches off the Ballarat line to head south, you'll see a great view of the city on your left. (View it larger) Against the bluey-grey skyline, the wheel stands out of course, as do the silos in Kensington-ish. In the foreground is lots of housing from the Derrimut area, and obviously construction going on. I s

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St Kilda Road and Swanston Street

I for one welcome our new public-transport-loving overlord. As recently as Friday, new Prime Minister-designate Malcolm Turnbull was riding trams in Melbourne: And here comes today's tram - the number 70 to take us to Hawthorn and a morning with @JoshFrydenberg— Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm) September 10, 2015 It's great that -- unlike Tony Abb


New architecture intruding on old

From the Victorian Heritage Database: The school building was sited for optimal viewing from Alexander[sic] Avenue. The low lying land in the foreground was utilized for a sports oval and the land in between was terraced with steps, paths and roadways. This resulted in uninterrupted views of the impressive building from the north and west. The school has carefully maintained this uninterrupted

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Bentleigh: old real estate ads

I was looking on the State Library's web site for material related to my local suburb, and found these old real estate ads. This one is from back when Bentleigh was called East Brighton. It's dated 1885. It's the area immediately to the east of the railway station, which opened in 1881, and was renamed to Bentleigh in 1907, the year after the local post office was renamed. (Source: State Lib

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How to go shopping by public transport in Malvern

I found this flyer during a clearout of the PTUA office last week. Judging from the text it appears to be from late 1992 -- perhaps around the time Jeff Kennett was elected in October 1992. What's changed since then? Tram routes Route 69 is now route 16, connecting via St Kilda Beach through to the City/Melbourne University. The other tram routes are much the same, though ro

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Bentleigh/Mckinnon/Ormond grade separations: Lots of detail

To their credit, the state government is initiating Stakeholder Liaison Groups for the level crossing eliminations to happen across Melbourne. The first of these covers the three Bentleigh area crossings: North Road, Ormond; Mckinnon Road, Mckinnon; Centre Road, Bentleigh. It's convened by local MP Nick Staikos, and members include representatives from local traders, schools, community groups a

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Franco Cozzo mural in Footscray

Despite news last year that Franco Cozzo's Footscray building is up for sale, it appears the store is sticking around for now. Recently I noticed work being done on a mural on the eastern side of the building... Now completed, it looks rather splendid. (See this larger) Note the roller door, which when closed, shows Franco's words from the ad "Grand Sale! Grand Sale!" (See this

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I love Bentleigh

Do you want to do this thing, they asked? For a weekly feature in the local paper. "Sure!" I said... all I had to do was nominated places (mostly restaurants) in my neighbourhood that I like. Easy, and it might help push the cause. I got my photo taken in one of the local parks. You can't tell from the picture, but I was crouching uncomfortably to get the flowers into shot, and it was starti