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Plumbing mishap

I thought I'd be clever and change all the washers in the bath, and show the kids how it's done at the same time. The shower ones were okay, but when we tried to take off the bath hot, it broke away. Result: nothing to grip onto. I assume the whole bit will have to be replaced, but how do I get it out, given the only thing I can grip onto just broke off? There is a hexagonal section, but it's b

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A few thoughts on the carbon scheme

New for June... a Lego house with solar panels on the roof. Here's a few thoughts on the carbon scheme announced yesterday: 1. I simply don't understand how the deniers can continue to be taken seriously by anybody when the vast majority of climate scientists agree there's a problem that needs to be fixed. It also seems a peculiar view that the world's population can continue to burn

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Proof that roof insulation works

The lack of insulation in my roof at the moment does make a noticeable, tangible difference. Normally I have my central heating set to 20 degrees until 9:30pm, and I used to have it set to 12 degrees... I came up with that on the basis that when the insulation was in the roof, overnight it would never drop below about 15-16 degrees, even in the middle of winter. Now the insulation's gone, if

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Renovating the roof

Got an attic ladder put in a while back. The bloke did a lot of chopping and cutting, and an electrician moved one of the lights to make way for it. The result is very pleasing, and it makes a real difference to getting up into the roof space. Stage 2 was getting some of the crap cleared out of there, including an old water tank. Yesterday some insulation removal people came to take out the

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A coupla things

The Slap I finished reading The Slap. Great book, provided you don't mind a little fruity language and adult themes in your novels. Looking forward now to the TV adaption. Possums I was just thinking the other day that despite seeing a lot of possums around the neighbourhood, I never heard them in the roof. Then when I was taking a look in the roof over the Easter break, I noticed a sm

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Inadvertently demolishing spider webs

I often think spiders would have better luck with their webs in urban settings if they had a little sense of spots to avoid, such as where us lumbering humans come barrelling through without looking (or without being able to spot them). It seems like time and time again I'll inadvertently demolish a web -- usually a minor one. Check this fine example from Marita's place. It was right across the

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I don't like spiders, but if they're not invading my territory, I try to leave them in peace. I figure they're doing their bit to keep the erky insect/annoying fly population down. I don't know what variety this one was, but unfortunately for it, it was invading my space. It was found unexpectedly waiting, having started weaving a web between my two undercover ("priority") clothes lines outside

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The plan for the house

I was chatting to a carpenter bloke about various things around the house, which helped solidify some of the ideas I'd been pondering for some time now. After years of inaction, I'm finally starting to move on them. I've had the Attic Ladders people come in for a quote, and they're now booked-in to install a ladder into the ceiling this Thursday. It'll be in the front hallway. They're also arra

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Memories in the making

In 2008 I started a project I wish I'd started earlier: Every few months we get out the tripod, switch the camera to auto, and take a photo of ourselves in front of the house. I got the idea from a newspaper article. Some of them are taken just as we leave on a weekday morning, in school uniform/work clothes. Some of them are on a weekend. We try to stand in the same positions each time.