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Rubbish goes user-pays

I didn't spot this myself, but apparently Glen Eira is revising its bin charges: 120 litre bin charges are dropping from $138.40 to $120, and 240 litre bins are going up from $151.20 to $240. I switched to a small bin a couple of years ago when I realised my big bin rarely had more than a fraction of its capacity filled. I think I must have been a tad annoyed to find I was only saving $13 a

Going green


Lights again. I seem to have reached the point where the first of my compact fluorescent light globes are starting to be replaced. Many of them I installed about two years ago, and most in the house are still going strong. The three that have expired get switched on generally for only short periods of time, which Wikipedia notes can cut the lifespan drastically, and says: The US Energ

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Is domestic Green Power doing anything?

ABC AM on Wednesday on Green power: JEFF ANGEL: Polluters are using our money which we're paying as a premium for GreenPower, in order to report lower emissions, when in fact they're not doing anything. DAVID MARK: Jeff Angel is the director of Total Environment Centre in Sydney. He says the schemes don't work, because they don't reduce Australia's overall greenhouse gas emissions. JEFF A

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It can’t be real

The deniers like Steve Fielding would say climate change can't be real. (An ultra-conservative "becoming" a climate-change skeptic -- who saw THAT coming?!) After all, to take a simplistic view, if the planet were starting to heat up, we'd be seeing record low rainfall... Melbourne has recorded its driest first six months of the year ever. -- ABC, Jun 2009 ...and there'd be record summer

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DNA quote

A letter from Lola Jones in this morning's Age has this quote: We don't have to save the world. The world is big enough to look after itself. What we have to be concerned about is whether or not the world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it. -- Douglas Adams, May 2001 (Video) I don't think I've ever blogged about this, but this is a view I've had for a long time. It comes d

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Passive cooling

I wouldn't pretend to know a great deal about house design. But obviously it's more energy efficient to design a building so that as far as possible, in summer it is kept cool by shade (rather than by air-conditioning) and in winter kept warm by the sun (rather than by heating). Apparently this is called passive solar building design. A friend of a friend lives in a highrise (built late-1990s,

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Recycled tissues are back

I wrote in December that recycled tissues had disappeared from the supermarket shelves. I did find an email contact for ABC Tissues (who make the Naturale brand) -- they told me to expect their recycled tissues back into Woolworths/Safeway stores soon, in a new packaging. Last week Flerdle commented that they'd been spotted in Brunswick. I still haven't seen them in my local though. But y

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Five percent?!

Letter of note in yesterday's Age: IT IS interesting to note the objections and opposition to the Government's climate plan, particularly from more affluent groups and individuals. They see it as up to industry, particularly the power industry, to lower consumption of energy and reduce emissions. What effort are these people prepared to make to reduce their use of energy and to lower carbon

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155 litres a day

There's a bit of fuss about the new water target of 155 litres per person per day. (It seems particularly fussing were people on talkback radio with big families who couldn't quite grasp that it's per person not per household.) I have an efficient shower head, and generally have sub-4-minute showers, and have a garden that doesn't need watering -- except the shower warmup-time grey-water whi

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CO2 isn’t so bad

A full-page advert for the coal industry in The Age caught my eye the other day. I just love this bit (quoted here from their web site): Carbon dioxide in our daily lives Carbon dioxide itself is not a danger in our everyday lives. In fact, all life on the planet depends on carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is also used in many everyday activities. For example, carbon dioxide is used: for