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Double excision

From time to time some of my blog posts are about personal stuff, rather than the wider world. This is one of those posts. Yesterday was a day of excisions. I had many thousands of hairs excised from my head at the barber. Easy. And I got the lump taken out of my leg. You may recall from my last post the quandary of paying for private vs getting it done in the public system. Multiple h


The lump

I've got a small lump on my thigh. Not painful at all. Probably harmless, the GP said, but he wrote me a referral to get it removed. He asked if I private health insurance. Nope. I gave it up several years ago. It cost me thousands each year (and increasing) and rarely paid out anything at all. He gave me a little lecture, along the lines of "You insure your house, your car... why not your h


Another wisdom tooth bites the dust

I had a second wisdom tooth out on Saturday -- bottom left, the counterpoint for the top left which I had extracted back in 1998. The dentist had said it was best it came out now. It was moving upwards anyway, due to no pressure from the top left one. Worse, cleaning around it was becoming an issue, so I risked damage to the next (more useful) tooth along. This time, no particular issues --


The good stuff

After suffering through several days of a bad cold this week, I finally decided to seek out medication. I remember years ago using Codral Day And Night to get through it... but then a little later, having no success with what appeared to be the same medicine. Turns out there's "New" Codral, which does little for me, and "Original" Codral, which works. The Original has Pseudoephedrine in it... th


Hand washing

Sometimes amongst the bum jokes you'll learn something really Quite Interesting on QI. Last week I learnt that when washing hands, how clean you get them is not about the heat of the water, which can't possibly be warm enough to kill off bacteria and escape without serious burns. Rather, it's about how vigorously you wash them -- that is, you're getting the bacteria off your hands, rather than

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“A pint? That’s very nearly an armful!”

Tony Hancock's legendary line in The Blood Donor was "A pint? That's very nearly an armful!" (I really should find the DVD somewhere and watch it again.) I referenced it the other day after going to the blood bank, and Ian noted that Tony Hancock was from Ian's home town of Birmingham, and kindly snapped a picture of a memorial to Hancock. A visit to the blood bank is always a good ti


Christmas present: a punching ball.

In my family we do a non-anonymous Kris Kringle for the adults. This fell into the category of a specific request. Keen to avoid the all-too-common strategy of asking for a gift voucher (if this pattern goes on, we'll end up just exchanging direct debits via net bank) I thought I'd throw the punching ball into the list as something I kinda wanted to try, but might be reluctant to buy myself. Su


Cluster headaches – back for spring

Oh joy. My cluster headaches are back for spring. In fact they returned on the 1st of September, which Australians consider to be the first day of spring. Boom, just like that. (Previous posts. Doesn't everybody use blog posts to track their personal health history? I know I do.) To recap Cluster headaches are, as Wikipedia describes them: excruciating unilateral headaches of extreme inte


Down down, smoking is down

Excellent. Smoking rates are continuing to drop, from 21.2% in 1998 down to 15.3% now. So, how about the next step, government? Now that smoking is almost entirely banned indoors, what about extending smoking bans to include all undercover areas -- I'm thinking particularly of under shop awnings. (If I ran the world, I'd be looking at smoking bans in highly trafficked outdoor areas, such as