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Everybody gets floaters to some extent, apparently. Little artefacts, interference in your eyesight. Floating blobs. In the last couple of months I've been getting more of them than before, particularly in bright light. Official advice says this is common in people as they get older, and is likely to be either the vitreous humour slightly pulling away from the retina (not so bad) or retin

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Good to see smoking bans have been extended

A short break from posting my holiday blogs... From today, smoking bans have been extended to include the entrances to most government buildings, as well as outdoor dining areas. This is all good. We're way behind the other states on this. It's about time non-smokers, who make up the vast majority of the population, had the right to more smoke-free places, including while eating. The chan

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FebFast is over

FebFast is over I think FebFast has brought a change in attitude from me. I'm going to continue to take in healthier snacks with me to munch on at work -- to my surprise, I don't actually mind the taste of raw carrots, and it's been easier to Just Say No to biscuits than I thought it would be -- easier than trying to limit their intake, in fact. Apart from biscuits, I also managed to stay of

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Steps to fitness

First, an update: FebFast is going well. A couple of minor transgressions, but overall given I've normally got a bit of a sweet tooth, I think I'm doing well avoiding junk food. Certainly no chips or chocolate have passed my lips since the start of the month, but perhaps more remarkably, no biscuits (despite the plentiful supply in the office) and no muesli bars. Thank you to those who have spo

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Taking up running (again)

Part two of my three part plan for weight loss... (Part 1 is diet via FebFast) I've never been one for organised sport, but I've had a few failed attempts at an exercise regime over the years. In the late 90s, I would regularly go for a short morning run, but I kind of fell out of the habit after a few months. A couple of years ago I got a punching bag, but it hasn't really stuck. I do get a

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FebFast: No junk food for a month

I've just enjoyed my last takeaway pizza for a month, including leftovers for lunch today: I've signed up for FebFast, where participants are encouraged to refrain from something for the month of February. They've got a few variations on it: FebFast Smoking -- no point in this, as I don't smoke. FebFast Social Media -- Noooooooooooo. FebFast Alcohol -- I barely drink, so there'd

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CHs: Here’s what I know

As time goes on, I learn more about the cluster headaches that hit me from time to time. They're different for each person, obviously, but here's what I know this time around, from my experiences and from my ongoing Googling research -- and I must say, the online resources available have been steadily improving. The word "headache" in the name is a misnomer. They're not related to conventional

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Physical wreck: There will be snot

I'm a physical wreck this weekend, from head to foot. Some new shoes are fine for me, but the ones I wore on Thursday resulted in three blisters: one on each heel, and another on one of my toes. I'm sure the shoes will settle down after a couple of wears, but in the mean time, I've got bandaids on every time I leave the house. And I've got a head cold. It's not at the top of the scale when i


Cluster headaches are back

The term blog is a shortening of web log... well, this blog post is a log for primarily my own purposes, though it may be of interest to others. Seems the cluster headaches are back this morning. They often return at the change of season, but I haven't had them since about two years ago. (That blog post went into some detail about them -- and this point is particularly worth noting: no co