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The train network from a new user’s perspective

My cousin Justin's move to Melbourne gives me an opportunity to see the public transport network from the perspective of a brand new user. He's pretty well travelled, having spent extensive time in Europe recently, mostly based in London, but with plenty of travel to other cities. So he's used PT systems in many other cities. Welcome to Myki On my prompting Justin got a Myki card, topped it

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My cousin’s in town (and a proverb updated for the 21st century)

I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have my cousin Justin in town. He grew up in Brisbane, then Newcastle, before moving to Perth, so we barely saw him when growing up. He moved to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, and is now settling into his new flat and job here. Heading over to the flat on Saturday to help him take a fridge delivery and do an Ikea run for essentials got me thinking

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Tullamarine terminal 4 arrivals. What a dump.

So this is Terminal 4 Arrivals -- where you greet passengers arriving in Melbourne on Tiger Airways: You can't go in, they can only come out. There's no shelter to speak of -- if it rains, you'd better wait in your car (if you brought one). Inside there's just luggage collection. No trolley until you get outside. Up the back there were some toilets and chip machines, and possibly a bench

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A year since Dad left us

It's a year today since Dad passed-away. It's got easier to deal with and think about as the months have passed. Life goes on. But yes, today (and on the 7th, which would have been his 80th birthday), I did find myself in contemplation. Doubly so when a $7 refund cheque for him for a cancelled utility arrived recently. His influence is still felt, and he is remembered fondly. As my sis

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The memorial bench

At the University of Queensland this week, they installed a park bench, a memorial to my father, who studied there and was editor of the student magazine Sempor Floreat sixty years ago this year. I'm told it's beside the lake (obviously) next to College Road, close to the intersection with Staff House Road. Judging from the pics, I reckon Dad would have liked the spot, though I b

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Memories in the making

In 2008 I started a project I wish I'd started earlier: Every few months we get out the tripod, switch the camera to auto, and take a photo of ourselves in front of the house. I got the idea from a newspaper article. Some of them are taken just as we leave on a weekday morning, in school uniform/work clothes. Some of them are on a weekend. We try to stand in the same positions each time.

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Queensland floods

I'm not going to name names, but two people remarked to me last week that the Queensland floods wouldn't be that bad, because all the houses have stilts, so everyone up there would be fine. I wasn't about to get into an argument about it, but at the time I had my doubts. I suspect the people involved (both a generation older than me) have in their minds that the whole state is filled with "trad