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Go on then, name me something more Aussie than kangaroo sausages on the barbecue? To be honest I haven't previously been that keen on the kanga bangers when grilled or fried. But BBQ makes everything taste better... right? Update 4pm. Amusingly given Tony's comment, I flipped on the TV while I was eating and found Skippy on Gem. The snags were more enjoyable barbecued, though still not m


Cheese slices

Kath Lockett found some old adverts, including this one: We sometimes had these cheese slices when I was a kid. It must have been my early computer-geek (binary) mind at work, but I would eat them by folding them in half, so one half broke off, eating that, then repeating with the half that was left... until the bit left in my hand was so microscopic it couldn't be folded in half any mor

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The wisdom of the barber

Much of the gossip and all the knowledge of a neighbourhood flows through the local shopkeepers, none more so than the hairdressers and barbers, where customers are most likely to have an extended conversation. The two nuggets of information from my haircut last week? I already knew this: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If the body doesn't get food within a couple of hours o

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The hunt for Big M egg flip

Billboards for Big M's limited edition Egg Flip flavour are popping up all over the place. I had a hankering to try it, to see if it was good if I remembered. So the kids and I went looking, in all the places that usually sell Big M (aka "Big M seller fellers"). Safeway? Nope. Coles? No. Bakers Delight? No. Brumby's? Nup. Bakery down the street which probably has a real name but I don't reca

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In the comments of a previous post was mention of superfoods. There appears to have been a recent reluctance from dieticians to use the term because of its manipulation by food marketeers, with the EU banning its use unless it can be proven. However this page from Kraft Foods flags their top ten (none of which, I think, they make or sell): Oats -- I regularly have oats in my breakfast

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Baked beans on toast FTW!

One of the things the nurse said at the workplace health check a couple of weeks ago was about including a variety of fruit and vegetable in my diet. And she said "Even beans on toast." You beauty! That there is an official recommendation to cook one of the laziest, least effort meals known to man. I had it tonight. Heinz's finest on wholemeal bread. The can notes that it is the equiv

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Brief things and followups

Star Trek TNG -- We started watching them all about a year ago, and are so far up to season 6. I wonder if in remastering for DVD, they changed the framing of some shots -- it's surprising how often we spot a boom mike in shot. (Reminds me: Must watch the "Car Pool" interview with Patrick Stewart, being driven around by Robert "Kryten" Llewellyn.) Washing machine -- I'm liking the new washing m


Quick lunch review

El Fresco cafe, Centre Road, Bentleigh. Maybe the notice in the front window saying they need experienced staff should have been an omen. Stools in the window to watch the passing parade -- excellent. Smokers' tables far enough away that smoke shouldn't be a problem except during a strong southerly. The drinks arrived quickly. Tasty, but small. $6 for a banana smoothie that size? Yikes.