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We lost power last night in the storm

Things I learnt when we lost power: Take-away pizza by torchlight a bad way to have dinner. A Smart Meter won't keep the juice flowing if there's problems in the local distribution network. I don't have enough torches. At least one per person would be good. The Dolphin mini LED torch I got recently is really good. Will get a couple more of these I think. Thank goodness for mobile in

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Lunch on the Restaurant Tram

It was actually a present from my last birthday: a lunch on the Restaurant Tram. Boarding was at 1pm sharp near the casino. Presumably they don't like to hold up service trams coming from St Kilda or Port Melbourne. It was a fleet of three out for lunch, and we were told to board the front car, number 4. (I can't quite read the photo, but the records indicate it was MMTB 938, first in service i


The police/doughnut cliché

Jeremy noticed that when there are stories on the TV news about the Simon Overland/Sir Ken Jones senior police controversy, often stock footage of the two of them in front of a doughnut shop seems to get used. It got a run again last night. It seems to have almost become the equivalent of the Myki machine falling apart footage. This web site (which may or may not be authoritative) offers

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I’m not a drinker

I've never been a drinker. Oh sure, there were the social pressures in my uni days. But it's a habit I just never picked up. My parents weren't drinkers. My partner isn't a drinker. It's just not my thing. I'm not a teetotaller though. Occasionally (perhaps a few times a year) I'll indulge in a beer or a glass of wine, but (particularly since the discovery that alcohol can sometimes help

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Time to go shopping

Both my digital camera and my electric shaver are on their last legs, in need of replacement. I don't think either has done too badly. The Canon A70 camera was bought in April 2003, and from memory cost me about $600 at the time. The technology has got better and cheaper, and I expect a replacement (hell yes I'll get another Canon) will cost about a third of that amount, and certainly won't