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Bad Christmas poetry

Prepare for bad poetry. This is what I wanted for Christmas... (*I got these) A vacuum cleaner that doesn't drown out the telly Self-changing nappies that don't end up smelly Price tags that come off without a fight * Neighbours who don't blare loud music at night Disks that don't self destruct with my data To understand what the Tax Office mean by "pro rata" Blinds that don

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Went to a street festival over the weekend. Festivals always look like so much fun, don't they. It's something about the atmosphere of stuffing three hundred thousand people into a couple of blocks for a weekend. Enjoy the food, watch the people, buy the merchandise, wonder why the bands playing there haven't made it big... then listen to the music and wonder no longer. It always looks like about


McDonalds update

An update from the Swanston Street McDonalds story from last month. I'm told by reliable sources that the word is getting around about the rabid Maccas operative. Apparently she can sometimes be seen standing at her counter waiting for customers while people queue up at the others... And maybe public opinion about the French is starting to effect the TV ads? The Nokia phone ad, which used to talk


Daniel attempts to cook

Sssshhh! Don't tell any of my mates in the Bear Stranglers Club, but I've cooked the last two Saturday dinners. Okay, so I know most blokes don't know where the kitchen is, let alone spend time in it, but I thought I'd take a bash at it. Light a fire, throw rhinoceros rump on it for half an hour... how hard can it be? Actually, harder than it looks. Now I know why all the cooks on TV are men. Bec


The benefits of intoxication

It is becoming apparent to me that pubs are designed to be particularly inducing to the consumption of alcohol. This is why they always have darts and pool on offer in pubs. Darts and pool are unique in the world of sporting and recreation. These two games are the only ones, where your skill can actually improve as you get more intoxicated. No, really. At one of those funny business retreat/conf


My McDonalds story

I went to the Billy Connolly concert last night, and he's reminded me a funny story that is absolutely true. I'll do a quick grep through the files to make sure I haven't told you this before. Because I don't like to be repetitive if I can help it. Do I? No, I don't. Don't what? Don't like to be repetitive. No, I don't. Okay, here goes. When I worked around the corner from McDonalds in Swanston S


Easter Weekend

All right, Easter weekend! Just about the longest of the long weekends, except for Christmas. Four days of unadulterated bliss. Okay, considering what's being remembered on Friday, it doesn't quite make sense to call it "Good", but I can live with that. Jesus gave that we might have a long weekend. Hmmm, doesn't quite have the same kind of ring to it, does it? But let's face it, is ther