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The bus stop that was taken over by al fresco dining

I'm all for al fresco dining. It can be lovely sitting in the sun on the street enjoying food and drink -- and will be doubly so once the smoking ban comes in, in 2017. And it helps make our streets more interesting and interactive. But getting off a bus in Brighton the other day, I noticed this, which just seemed excessive. As an able-bodied person, I was able to get off the bus -- but

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I love Bentleigh

Do you want to do this thing, they asked? For a weekly feature in the local paper. "Sure!" I said... all I had to do was nominated places (mostly restaurants) in my neighbourhood that I like. Easy, and it might help push the cause. I got my photo taken in one of the local parks. You can't tell from the picture, but I was crouching uncomfortably to get the flowers into shot, and it was starti

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FebFast is over

FebFast is over I think FebFast has brought a change in attitude from me. I'm going to continue to take in healthier snacks with me to munch on at work -- to my surprise, I don't actually mind the taste of raw carrots, and it's been easier to Just Say No to biscuits than I thought it would be -- easier than trying to limit their intake, in fact. Apart from biscuits, I also managed to stay of

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FebFast: No junk food for a month

I've just enjoyed my last takeaway pizza for a month, including leftovers for lunch today: I've signed up for FebFast, where participants are encouraged to refrain from something for the month of February. They've got a few variations on it: FebFast Smoking -- no point in this, as I don't smoke. FebFast Social Media -- Noooooooooooo. FebFast Alcohol -- I barely drink, so there'd

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Supermarket fruit+veg bags – all the way from the USA #FoodMiles

Anybody who likes to minimise their food miles might like to note this... increasing numbers of Woolworths supermarkets are using bags for fruit and vegetables that are made in the USA. That's not to say other supermarket bags aren't also imported from a long way away. As far as I've noticed, the Woolworths ones are the only ones that say so. It's a similar story when buying cling wrap -


5 varieties of ham – all with identical nutritional values?

What is the likelihood that 5 varieties of sliced ham -- including a supposedly "lite" version -- all have precisely the same nutritional values, despite tasting and looking different? Each one 112 kilojoules per serve, 0.7 grams of fat, and 204 milligrams of sodium. Hmmm. Thankfully their sliced chicken breast product appears to have different attributes.


ID card options if you don’t want/have a driver’s licence

So, following-up yesterday's post. A little research on IDs for young adults (in particular to prove they are over 18) who don't drive led me to two possibilities -- assuming one doesn't want to carry around a passport: Keypass -- $55, and supposedly recognised nationwide. Proof Of Age card -- $10, and also apparently recognised throughout Australia. It seems other states have similar