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Stupid grunty cars

Here's a draft of a bulletin I'll send out at some stage after I've taken over as Grand Emperor of the World and established my benevolent dictatorship. Dear owners of stupid grunty noisy cars, I hereby decree that you have three choices for your stupid grunty noisy cars: 1. You may, at your expense, have your car altered to remove the stupid grunty noise; 2. You may have your car sent

If Daniel was emperor of the world, Melbourne

When suburb names get stupid

Came across this business. They have two branches. They have a Chadstone branch, which is actually in Hughesdale, and they have a Bentleigh branch, which I'll grudgingly admit is technically in Bentleigh, but is actually on Patterson Road, right next to Patterson station. As I've noted before, Hampton East now stretches right the way to Moorabbin, as does Bentleigh -- both now end just across t

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Cap and trade

Here's how I'd work carbon trading if I were appointed Grand Emperor of the World, based on my ten minute assessment of the situation. I'd set an emissions cap on the world, starting in say 2010, based on the total emissions output of the world as of 2009. Each country gets a share of this, not based on their current emissions, but based on how many people they have. The countries can trade.

If Daniel was emperor of the world, music

Number one

For a while earlier this month one of the hot email memes going around was a Number One In History web site, though it's been taken offline now. Happily there's another site which is online, and even better, it can tell you the number one hits in Australia, the USA and the UK. Like many others I checked what song was number 1 (in the USA) on the day I was born. It was "War!" by Edwin Starr. Ah,

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If I ran the world

People who wanted their supermarket transaction split-up into separate $30 bills just to take advantage of "spend $30 for 4 cents per litre off petrol" and other such deals would have to queue up again between dockets. The expression "I'll let you go", which is meant to sound like the person is doing you a favour finishing up the conversation but in fact means "get off the damn phone, I'm tired