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Cyclists on the footpath

I described this on Twitter the other day, but I'll expand on it here. I was heading out in the car on Saturday afternoon. Got in, beeped, looked behind me, slowly backed-out of my driveway. BANG! A cyclist riding along the footpath with his dog (roughly at running pace) collided with my car. I stopped, moved my car back into the driveway, and asked if he was okay. Thankfully he was. A

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Stay in your lane

Intersections on curves can be tricky. Even slight curves. Every time I pass the Astor on Dandenong Road in a car, particularly eastbound, I watch what happens. It's not uncommon for vehicles to veer into the next lane over as they cross Chapel Street. Usually, thankfully there's nobody in the way. This morning it happened to me. I was driving outbound, this morning at 10am. I was


Time for a car upgrade?

I'm thinking it might be time to upgrade my car at some stage soon. Some people turn them over every few years. Not me -- I've been driving a 2000 model Astra hatchback since 2008, almost nine years. The previous car was a 1993 Magna, which I had from 1998 to 2008. Of course, I drive far less than the average person. In fact it's common for the car to not leave the driveway for almost a w

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Learning to drive

Masters Hardware couldn't launch a viable business against Bunnings, and only a couple of years after launching, have closed up all their outlets. As this photo shows, they also couldn't construct a functioning pedestrian crossing: No wonder Masters is in trouble - they couldn't even design a pedestrian crossing that goes anywhere. pic.twitter.com/CN8JFL9yHk— Daniel Bowen (@danielb

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Why is this road rule never enforced?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I see a lot of motorists blocking intersections, including pedestrian crossings. Here's road regulation 128: Entering blocked intersections A driver must not enter an intersection if the driver cannot drive through the intersection because the intersection, or a road beyond the intersection, is blocked. Penalty: 3 penalty units. At the

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Pedestrians in the car park – often there’s no choice

I sometimes wonder if motorists driving in and out of car parks get irritated by pedestrians walking through. Often the pedestrians have no choice. These pictures are from Caulfield Plaza - with the major drawcard inside being the Coles supermarket. There is obvious pedestrian traffic from the railway station and the university campus to the southern entrance of the Plaza. There are no fo


Don’t park on a yellow line

I've often thought that we have too many parking restriction signs in Melbourne. Some streets have them every few metres. One way around that is to use line markings. As a long-time watcher of British TV, I'm somewhat familiar with yellow lines: single (roughly: no parking no stopping at specific times, but with some exceptions), double (no stopping at any time), red (roughly equivalent to a Clea

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The Montague Street bridge strikes again

It used to be that the fashionable bridge for high vehicles to crash into was the Spencer/Flinders Street rail overpass -- eleven hits in five years. But it's been usurped by the Montague Street tram bridge. At lunchtime on Tuesday I went down to have a look. Certainly no shortage of warnings signs. In this view alone I count four, plus the stripy guard barrier in front of the bridge:

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Thoughts from the road

I don't drive as much as many people (my average kilometres per year figure is about half the national average), but here are some recent random observations... Seat belts. Why do some people wait for a few hundred metres before they put on their seatbelts? Do they think they're somehow immune from accidents for the first minute or two? Petrol prices are down at the moment. It's unclear if t