Morons on the road

Stupid places to park #347

I mean, okay, maybe you need the truck to do whatever work you're doing in the adjacent shop. But why completely block the footpath with it, forcing people onto the street to get around it? How about finding an actual spot on the street? Irritating enough for able-bodied pedestrians like me. Doubly irritating for people with kids and heavy shopping. Triple for prams, wheelchairs, the blind.

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Road smug

I don't suffer from road rage (not travelling by car in times of heavy traffic when I'm in a hurry helps a lot). If anything, I suffer from road smugness. I don't shout at idiots on the road. Instead I make smart-arse remarks, to myself or to others in the car. "Yeah, well done mate." "What are you doing?" "Yeah it's hard to reach the indicator switch, isn't it." "You can't turn there, you know

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What the F--- do you think you're doing, Mr White Stationwagon? Where the F--- did you get your driver's licence? Why the F--- do you think you can decide as you're driving through an intersection in the left hand lane, that you are suddenly going to turn right, across three lanes of traffic, cutting me off as I'm about to turn right the other way, leaving my car helplessly stuck in the intersecti

Morons on the road

Daniel’s driving adventures

Obviously some people have great problems using their indicators. After all, when your hands are on the steering wheel, the switch is a long long way away, and so awkwardly placed too. I've come to the conclusion that the first day of the month is when they let all the idiots onto the roads. There's no other possible explanation. For on Saturday afternoon I was driving down Gle

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Phun with phones

A couple of years ago, I had a regular TCWF feature called "Moron of the Week". It showcased a particularly moronic driver I'd seen on the roads that week. People liked it, but I got tired of the concept. Tonight however, I spotted one. Getting off the tram to go home, a woman in a red sports car came alongside the tram and failed to stop at the back door for me to get off (as required