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Sure, I can park here. Why not?

Well, this thing I'm driving is about as big as a bus, so I thought I could park in the bus stop. Obviously it would have been too hard to move forward a couple of metres into the perfectly legal parking spot just ahead. I guess I could have knocked on the window and asked if she was the 703. But I wanted to catch a real one to see if they'd fixed the zone overlap Myki bug yet. They have

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Hello, Sunday drivers

I've become something of a Sunday driver since I no longer generally drive anywhere on weekdays. But I'd like to think I'm better than the stereotype. Out and about yesterday, I'm just staggered by the number of people not paying attention, or wilfully ignoring the rules, or apparently ignorant of the rules. Ms Old Bomb -- if you're going to turn across my path, you need to give way. That do

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This is the law

I've written about this before, but just so it's absolutely clear, I'm going to include a picture[1] with the text: When turning left or right at any intersection (except a roundabout) you must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road you are turning into. -- source: VicRoads: Driving in Victoria -- Rules and Responsibilities, pages 35 and 39. I'm pretty narked off that a 4WD own

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On the roads

The horrific car accident on Sunday morning that left 5 teenagers dead reminds me of some very stupid driving I saw from people on the trip down to Inverloch and back. On the way down I saw a motorcyclist come up behind me on a stretch of single lane road. I was doing about the speed limit. He sat behind me for a few minutes. I saw a sign noting we were coming up to an overtaking lane, and thou

Morons on the road

OZCOOL = Moron

The other week I met a thoroughly nice bloke who drives a four-wheel-drive. But while he gets some flak from his mates about it, he doesn't live up to the cliche. He regularly uses it out in the bush as part of green activism while monitoring loggers. Interesting. So not all 4WD owners fulfil all the 4WD cliches, by any means. But some do. For example a bloke spotted last week driving a vehi

Morons on the road

One drive, three morons

All from a ten minute period this morning. Lady in Mini Cooper, turning off Footscray Road to head over the Bolte Bridge. At some stage have you considered getting off the phone? White stationwagon, heading over the Bolte Bridge. There's been over a kilometre of signs and arrows on the road surface indicating which lanes you need to be in to go towards Geelong. You can't do it from the left

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A missed opportunity?

I assume Glen Eira council put this graph of forecast revenue from parking in their propaganda sheet newsletter because they're pleased about it. I was going to point out that plenty of people park in stupid places, and I'd prefer they got stung with tickets if at all possible, so they can subsidise my council rates. It looks to me like every other council nearby except Bayside is doing a b