Clothes dream/milk

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I got into work, and instead of wearing my usual shirt/tie/trousers/shoes, I found myself wearing shirt/tie/jeans/runners, which looked very odd, to say the least. A somewhat incongruous mix of clothing styles. Mind you, one office I used to work in had a bloke who regularly wore runners to work with his trousers/shirt/tie. I know it's common for some w

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In dreams

This morning I dreamt I was sitting on a tram, with my kids and a platonic friend who turned out to be Deborah from Men Behaving Badly, when an ex-girlfriend (one I had taken some time getting over) got on the tram and sat nearby. Her hair was different - much longer, and dyed purple. She was dressed in work gear, but looked the worse for wear... older, or something. We exchanged glances, and sm


Fun for the whole Family

An interesting dream last night. One of my ex-girlfriends (which one I don't know, the dream didn't reveal it) turned out to be related to one ofthe Sopranos, but it was like the Sopranos set in Melbourne. The cops were closing in fast on her, and she'd decided to skip the country, to move to New York and start up life there, to avoid them. For some reason I was not only helping her in a bit of ve


Seeing into the future

I'm not a particularly mystical person. I'm not really sure what I believe in - God, the afterlife, all that stuff. I don't know. Uncommitted. But I'll tell you one thing - there's something going on out there. Must be. Without trying to get into anything too deep and meaningful, think about the universe. The scientists say it was the Big Bang that set it off. Okay, I can live with that. Hydrogen