More weird dreams

The other night: Rather than my usual mowing boys turning up when I ask them, half a dozen 10-ish year old boys and girls turned up at my house with a mower and various other implements of destruction and started doing my lawn and hacking up my garden, without being asked. Last night: I was appointed interim CEO of a big company for a week, but in the position I had to wear a disguise and prete

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What’s left of Monty Python

There was a terrific picture of (what's left of) the Monty Python team in the newspaper on the weekend. I know there'll probably be a collective groan from readers, but it inspired a brief dream overnight in which Terry Jones came around for tea, chatted with my mother about his TV appearances, and agreed to have his picture taken with me sitting on the couch (posing as if we were a couple), bu


Another weird dream

Another weird dream the other night: I was in a kitchenware shop in Collins Street, as was the cat I had when I was growing up, Sooty. Sooty said to me "I'm going home" and left the shop, off down the street. Someone decided to give the other cat from my childhood, Mischief (aka Eric) a set of cutlery. Mischief was wearing a nice blue suit, and walking upright. The set was handed to Misch


Dream: the table

I was with Rae, helping a work colleague of mine to move a table. A big dinner table, which for some reason was located in a market in a formerly disused railway goods shed somewhere near Flinders Street. The table needed to be moved to a furniture polishing shop elsewhere in the Melbourne CBD, and for some reason it had to be moved by hand. A fourth person was "helping" -- someone I vaguely kn


Some more dreams

After my last batch of dreams, Nat posted an analysis of them, which I found very interesting, though it seemed to indicate a lot of negativity, which I don't really feel is in my life right now. But anyway there was another suite of dreams a few nights ago, as disjointed as ever, but not a bus or a fire in sight this time... I was in an office, talking to someone called Ashad. On the notice

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Here is my bed

Here is my bed. Yes, this shot was staged. Two year-old queen size bed. The bedlinen is about the same age, and most would probably say the doona cover is a pretty typical blokey choice. Second pillow generally thrown off the bed when sleeping, more used for propping-up to read the paper on the weekends. No tooltips on this one. Nothing much more to say, and I can't be stuffed doing th



I had a dream on Friday night. For someone who doesn't often remember dreams, it was quite startling in the amount of detail (and plot, for want of a better word). Staying overnight with Isaac, Jeremy and I at my house were my lovely Marita, my friends Tony and Rae, their daughter Phoebe, my sister Susannah, her husband Adrian, and Zoe (who is not a blood relative but probably qualifies as a ps



The other night I had a dream that there was a hole in my thumb. Near the base, a slot about two millimetres long by perhaps five millimetres across. I could look through the hole and see inside my thumb. No blood, but a kind of weird mostly hollow structure, a bit like the inside of a capsicum, but skin-coloured. It didn't hurt. I marvelled at it for a bit, and it was one of those dreams which is



I dreamt that I woke in the night (not unusual recently), hearing noises in the house. Not just the usual possums ballroom dancing in the ceiling, but something louder, like people moving about the kitchen and the hallway, creaking on the floorboards. Initially I felt groggy and unable to move, but eventually woke up enough to go and confront them, holding a towel (!) for protection. I burst in


Dream: Emergency

Dreamt last night that I was walking in the city and came across three blokes in business suits. One was unconscious on the ground, one sitting, bleeding slightly and the third standing but obviously in a daze. They'd obviously been in some kind of accident. I whipped out my shiny new mobile phone and dialled 112 (the international standard emergency number)... and got a wrong number. Hmm. Tried a