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The zombie dream

Jeremy, Isaac and I were being chased by kind of zombie-type things, that on-touch would change you from human into their kind. It was a bit like a cross between Shaun of the Dead and Rise of the Cybermen. Somehow I knew it was a dream, but we kept on running. Isaac nearly got caught, but just escaped. I knew we had to get to somewhere called Bletchley Park, because that was where the resistanc


Siegfried, Roy and Daniel

Okay dream analysts, see what you can make of this one: I was appearing on a Siegfried and Roy TV show. You know, those odd American/German guys with big cats (who stopped in 2003 when Roy was injured by a Tiger). I was meant to lie down on my stomach, with my arms outstretched, and remain absolutely still while they put various substances on my hands, and then got the big cats to lick them



Another odd dream last night: A knock at the door in the morning. Four policemen, who seemed very tall, and seemed to have been drenched in the rain outside. I wondered why four of them -- it must be serious! They told me they were part of a fraud investigation, and that they couldn't tell me much about it, but it related to unpaid bills*. They had brought a technician to sever my internet a

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Coding dream

I had a dream the other night that I was in a code review with some of the guys. For non-geeks amongst you, one of the key things about programming is to write your code in such a way that anybody else who reads it can understand how it works... and indeed so that you yourself can fully understand it when you read it again six months later. So I was in this code review, and noting some issue



The wacky dreams keep on coming. This one on the weekend involved walking Maisie (the dog) with Marita in Footscray Park. But beware! Assassins! In a white stationwagon! They pulled up nearby and came attacking, with a syringe full of something to stab me with. Maisie, being her usual cautious self, was not about to intervene. But I managed to fight them off, and at one point, one of them


Best (weirdest) dream of the weekend

It's been a funny weekend for dreams. On Saturday night I had an interesting one involving a bunch of my friends from high school, but set in the current time, riding bikes around late at night. But by far the best of the weekend was on Friday night/Saturday morning: I was waiting at a kind of railway station, either in Italy (because there were Italian officials around) or Ancient Egypt (becau


Time dreams

I might not have blogged about it, but I've had dreams before about having to be somewhere semi-unexpectedly, and running late. Last night's was that (matching reality) I had to be somewhere today by 11am, out of my usual routine. In the dream, I woke and found every single clock in the house not working due to a power outage overnight. Everything flashing 12:00. Turned on my mobile phone and f


More wacky dreams

Two interesting dreams in the last few days. Not that I expect anybody to care except me, but I'm finding it useful to log them somewhere. Dad and the tram In the first one, I was on a tram on a route where they'd been moving the stops (such as Collins St) and we stopped at a new stop which was partially elevated, then continued past an intersection. A handful of people were incorrectly wait


Footy dream

I dreamt I was the coach for the local junior football team. Instead of playing on a conventional oval, it was a kind of L-shaped ground, like two ovals stuck together, possibly reflecting a park nearby to the house I just bought. There was a game going, but only about half a dozen kids playing in this huge ground. The umpire decided it needed some pepping up, and arranged for several more sets