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Quick random thoughts

The Herald Sun paywall launched in March, and offered free 2-month passes. Any word on what's happened now those have run out? Strange dream: Woke up with the most enormous sideburns. Struggled to get them removed before having to go to work. Another dream: Was invited to a very elaborate dinner party at Alan Kohler's place, which in the dream was in Carnegie around the corner from where I u


Dream: the late start

Just had an interesting dream. I dreamt that I woke up at 11:48am (according to the clock) today. (I'd intended to get up and out early, with a planned half-day at work followed by various errands before the shops shut for Christmas.) Somehow I'd slept through the alarm. Despite it being late, I was very sleepy. I stumbled through the house and was surprised to find the washing machine runni

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The stolen car dream, and Neighbourhood Watch

The stolen car dream I was going to visit my old uni mate Brian (who actually lives in Florida, though I saw him a few weeks ago when he recently visited Melbourne again). In the dream, he was staying at my mum's house in Hampton. I parked in the usual spot when visiting her, and dropped something off to him, then went back to the car to find it had been stolen. I also noticed my key remote



A dream from the other night. (I can't normally remember them.) I was on a bus; a big articulated bus. It stopped somewhere in St Kilda, and the driver got out to go to the toilet, but forgot to put the handbrake on. We were on a slight incline, and the bus started to roll forward. Nobody else was paying much attention, and I was about two-thirds of the way back, so I moved forward to the co


Travelling dream

Strange dream last night, with a surprising amount of detail. Marita and I were travelling in Scotland. After visiting a remote village, we had to climb by a kind of rope-ladder thing back up to the railway station (which was on a very high metal bridge). After getting on the train, it continued towards the Fourth Bridge, which someone remarked was named after Charles the Fourth, but that it

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Digital TV

I had a dream last night that hundreds of new TV channels showed up on digital TV tuners. Weird. I haven't yet upgraded to digital TV. I'm in the unfortunate position of: (a) having bought a 4:3 CRT TV at precisely the wrong time, about 7 years ago, just before the prices plummeted when widescreen LCDs and plasmas went mainstream, and apart from occasionally having a flickering line at the t

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Dream machine

The other week, in one night, I had a trio of ridiculous dreams. So ridiculous that you half know it's a dream, and it's a ridiculous situation, but you keep on dreaming it anyway. I've forgotten the first. In the second, someone was knocking at my front door and trying to look through the frosted glass while waiting to be let-in, and I, then undressed and taking cover at the corner, kept ca

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Quick stuff

Vague news Dear national news programme: Don't just say something happened "in eastern Melbourne". Use a couple more words and tell me what suburb. Do the same for other cities too. Dream I had a dream that I'd gone back to my old primary school, and was being shown around by a lady who said she'd taught me. But I couldn't remember her name -- maybe she had been one of the early year teac



A few nights ago Marita had an interesting dream... She was walking around in a gallery. The pictures hanging there all had big writing, saying things like "Fail!" and "Failure!" She's not sure what it refers to. (I could suggest blogging, but why now?) For myself, I haven't had any interesting dreams lately. Not that I can recall, anyway. PS. As far as I know, she hasn't been reading the


Another dream

Dream the other day: Dreamt we were thinking about converting the (small) spare room into a bedroom, and someone pointed out the house has a whole upstairs section that for some reason none of us had never noticed. We went up and found three more bedrooms (one tiny, with very narrow bunk beds) and a bathroom as well. Something seemed funny about the stairs going up there, and when I looked, I r