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One of the fun things with the Wii is creating your "Mii" -- that is, an avatar used in some of the games. While the kids got busy creating some favourite fictional characters, my avatar looks like me. Here's mine, seen in Wii Sports Resort, playing table tennis. Guitar Hero doesn't use the standard, cartoon-like Miis, but has its own rock music-oriented avatars. They look more realisti

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It’s the Beatles!

Today's release of The Beatles Rock Band video-game and the remastered CDs is enough to get me excited about the band all over again. Not that I'll rush out and replace my collection of CDs with these new ones, but it's sorely tempting to buy my the new versions of a few favourites, such as Sgt Pepper, The White Album and Abbey Road, which were the first three I bought on CD, back in the late-8

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Wii Sports Resort – For The Win!

Okay I admit it, we fell for the hype, Jeremy and I. The demos of the game at the EB Games Nintendo Experience thing in Swanston Street, and Jeremy's participation in a Nintendo event at Southland convinced us to pre-order Wii Sports Resort from EB Games. In doing so we gained an extra (so two in total) Motion Plus controller (and a recharger thingy that's pretty much useless to us because we alre

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Geek Idol

I've had few real idols; people of whom I could genuinely say "I want to be like them." In my early-to-mid 20s, Ben Elton was one of them. Amazingly funny, both on stage and in his writing. I wanted to write stuff that was half as good as his books, but never quite managed to write anything that was engaging enough to last over the length of a novel. My best attempt was The Year 2031, and even

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EB Games

Reasons to like and dislike EB Games. Good -- price matching. I walked into the Elizabeth Street store with a printout showing that Big W had Mario Kart $30 cheaper and the guy didn't blink, and happily matched the price. Good -- unlike many of the staff in the department stores (especially the cheap ones), most of their sales people know what they're talking about and seem genuinely interes

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How fit are wii?

I'm still really enjoying the Wii. The favourite game with the kids is tennis, playing on one side together, though we're getting good at it and it's been giving us some pretty tough opponents. (I can only imagine that tennis purists are aghast at Wii Sports tennis; from the "best of 1/3/5 games" to the explicit explaining of what Deuce is to the always reading out the player's team score first

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Brief things

Haven't blogged for a bit, so here's a brief catch-up. I helped Tony and Rae and family move last week. The inevitable comment that pops up when geeks move house: packing the moving van is like Tetris. Of course, when you get a full row of boxes, they don't disappear and make more space... The kids and I watched the early (9:15pm) NYE fireworks a short distance away from the action -- Richmo

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Back to the arcade

It was like stepping back in time. Down the stairs we went, into the darkness. Electronic beeps and bloops could be heard from all directions. Flickering lights. Most of the classics were there. Centipede. Galaga. Ms Pacman. Asteroids. Space Invaders. Donkey Kong. And more. A handful in cocktail tabletop cabinets, but most the way God intended, in proper stand-up cabinets. It took me back