Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-05

@esurientes @injerarufus Web site working again now; try it again. in reply to esurientes # More fuss in the HS today about speeding fines. I have still *never* got one. Thanks to all the leadfoots for subsidising me. # I'm still hanging out for the Samsung television ABC iView app... due Q1/2011 apparently # @kiwiguy72 Won't do me much good without an iPhone! in


Twitter highlights part 4

This post in a continuing series covers the first half of 2009. (Why?) January 2009 noted a lot of joggers about. New year's resolutions? There's a few people out on the roads who should resolve to indicate. 5:28 PM Jan 1st from txt watching Marita beat up virtual people in Wii boxing. 12:23 PM Jan 3rd from web is not the new Doctor Who. 7:59 PM Jan 5th from web barrelled over to Bu


Local goss via Twitter

Twitter allows one to search, and provides RSS for search results, so you can feed it into RSS readers like Google Reader to keep track of Twitter references to your preferred keyword. So I thought I'd set up one for Bentleigh, which tells me what's going on in my neighbourhood. Happily I don't live in Springfield or somewhere with a name that's very common, and most of the Tweets I s

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Myki newsflash

This was my favourite Twitter post of the week, which I'm repeating here while it's still timely: NEWSFLASH: Govt to change state to the Assyrian Calendar, giving 3 more months to get #Myki right "by the end of the year" (W00t -- Retweets!) And yes if you're wondering, I had done some research before posting it. Perhaps appropriately, the end of the Assyrian calendar year is the "Month of


Twitter highlights part 3

Here, in the interests of data preservation, is the third instalment of my best Twitter posts. July 2008 What's this? From the man who brought you Myki (Peter Batchelor) comes a new coal-fired power station, the day before Garnaut reports?! 10:09 AM Jul 2nd, 2008 from web Umbrella self-destructed, top flew off. At least the trains aren't crowded, thanks to school holidays. 8:23 AM Jul 8th


Twitter highlights part 2

Here's the second instalment of my best Twitter posts. Interestingly I was reading a blog post by reknowned Geek Robert Scoble where he highlighted a number of issues with Twitter, including the exact reason I'm doing this: I can’t get to my old Tweets. Seriously. They are, I’m sure, on a server somewhere in San Francisco, but I can’t get to them. Twitter search only shows the last few weeks


Twitter highlights part 1

I've used Twitter since August 2007. It feeds through to Facebook and generally keeps friends (on FB) and others (a couple of hundred people on Twitter; I don't know who they all are) up-to-date. Good stuff. But the danger with these things is that one day the companies involved might go under or lose your data. And ZAP, all your stuff is gone. Maybe it's not likely, but it's possible. Ca