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I be influential in piracy, me hearties (according to Klout)

Some interesting stuff on social media in the Financial Review the other week: This month, Cathay Pacific partnered with Klout to offer to anyone with a score over 40 free entry to the airline's business class and first class lounge at San Francisco International Airport, the key hub for those working in Silicon Valley. Neat, but it appears you had to show your Klout score on an iPhone app.

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Metro Trains and their Twitter feed

Amidst the outrage about changes to Metro's Twitter feed, there are claims that it used to include train cancellations. This was not so. They did not tweet individual train cancellations or diversions. These only went out on SMS to subscribers, and on the web site. (Alas Metro have now deleted the evidence of this that would be in their favour.) But what they did tweet was disruptions/del


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-26

Nice that Webber observed Bolte Bridge speed limits, but surely driving the wrong way on it was a much bigger no-no? # They say the supermoon is only 1% bigger in southern hemisphere. I reckon that might be right. Big, but not spectacularly so. # Gosh, how exciting. Letter says they're filming a soap powder commercial nearby this coming week. # (more…)