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Doctor Who 2008

I enjoyed this season. I know I've loved the show for decades, but they do seem to keep coming up with new, clever stuff. Voyage of the Damned: A little over-long and plodding in places. I suppose it was a Christmas episode. Partners in Crime: Got the shock of my life at the end when Rose appeared, even though I had heard she'd be coming back. Other than that, not a spectacular story, but en

Doctor Who

Stephen Fry, on the Doctor

The week before we moved, the BBC started a new drama, starring William Hartnell. An old man, whose name appeared to be Grandfather or the Doctor, had a police phone box of the kind we saw in the street all the time in those days. It turned out to be a magical and unimaginably wonderful time machine. My brother and I watched this drama in complete amazement. The first ever episode of Doctor Who. I

Doctor Who

Are you my mummy?

Doctor Who fans, rejoice. Acclaimed writer Steven Moffat, who wrote some of the most memorable (and Hugo-award-winning) recent stories such as Blink and The Empty Child, has been appointed the next Lead Writer and Executive Producer of the show, taking over from sometimes-loved, sometimes-loathed Russell T Davies. "My entire career has been a Secret Plan to get this job," said Steven Moffat. "

Doctor Who

Doctor Who 2007

So there we go, the series has ended. Some great episodes. The Runaway Bride: Enjoyable enough. Loved the highway chase scene -- and the way it captured the excitement of the TV audience in the little kids in the other car. One day the ABC programming people will learn to programme Christmas specials at Christmas, instead of six months later. (Though it could be worse... in Canada the CBC put t

Doctor Who

Jack’s back

The Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood starts tonight on Channel 10. I've seen a few episodes -- at first it seems to revel in its adult timeslot, with (arguably gratuitous) use of sex, swearing and violence. Then it settles down a bit and starts telling some good stories, though none seem as deep or well thought out as the best of the recent Doctor Who scripts. The third series of Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Our time has come

I have to admit, when I was growing up, Doctor Who was never really one of the cool kid shows. Scifi generally probably wasn't something the cool kids watched. But now, on the eve of the third series (starts Saturday night in the UK; who knows when we'll see it in Australia), David Tennant's Doctor Who has been voted the coolest television character of all time. (MX, 30/3/2007) Finally,

Doctor Who, dreams

The zombie dream

Jeremy, Isaac and I were being chased by kind of zombie-type things, that on-touch would change you from human into their kind. It was a bit like a cross between Shaun of the Dead and Rise of the Cybermen. Somehow I knew it was a dream, but we kept on running. Isaac nearly got caught, but just escaped. I knew we had to get to somewhere called Bletchley Park, because that was where the resistanc

Doctor Who

Doctor Who 2006: the second half

Here's my quick reviews of the second half of this year's Doctor Who. (First half here.) Some spoilers for people who haven't seen it. (Les, this means you.) The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit -- Terrific stuff. The tension in the first episode was fantastic, especially when the beast was stalking the archeologist. Scared the crap out of me. Loved the ending. Trivia: Voice of the Beast was don