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My blabbering in the TARDIS

Deep within the bowels of the ABC studios at Southbank... ...there is a Triple J studio called "TARDIS". Well, recording booths. I discovered that they're not bigger on the inside. I was there the other day at lunchtime. My blabbering has shown up as part of a Triple J "Hack" story on the costs of public transport vs cars. Turns out it's possible to tour the ABC Southbank studi

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Spotted at Minotaur

I've shopped at Minotaur Books for decades. I first found it in the early 80s when it was at the top end of Swanston Street. Then it moved to a multi-level shop in Bourke Street. Then to its current home in Elizabeth Street. It's always had way more cool stuff than I could afford to buy, though for some time in the mid-80s I was buying Doctor Who Monthly regularly. Nowadays my kids love goin

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How old for Doctor Who?

My old high school mate Konrad asked (a little while back now): How old were your boys when you introduced them to Dr Who and do you think it was the right age? I ask as Iā€™m wondering how old my daughter will have to be before I can introduce her to him. I think it was early-2003 when I first bought the DVD of Carnival of Monsters and showed it to Isaac, who was 7 or 8 at the time (Jeremy would

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Doctor Who 2010

So, Doctor Who for 2010 (except the Christmas episode) has finished. I reserved judgement of the new crew (both the cast and the new producers/writers) until their episodes aired. They didn't disappoint. [Spoilers below for those of you who have not seen the end of the 2010 series yet.] The Eleventh Hour -- a nice bit of time-travelling from author and new Doctor Who supremo Stephen Moffat,

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Doctor Who birthdate game

Just a game I thought of: what Doctor Who episode aired on or closest to your birthday? Check this list to find out. (I guess those born before 1963 or in the 90s will probably gravitate to one of two episodes...) Me: Inferno, episode 7 (third Doctor, 1970). This was a classic slow burn story (excuse the pun) and episode 7 included the resolution from one of my favourite cliffhangers ever

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Brief things

Haven't blogged for a bit, so here's a brief catch-up. I helped Tony and Rae and family move last week. The inevitable comment that pops up when geeks move house: packing the moving van is like Tetris. Of course, when you get a full row of boxes, they don't disappear and make more space... The kids and I watched the early (9:15pm) NYE fireworks a short distance away from the action -- Richmo