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Sydney Sunday: Doctor Who galore

Sunday! And so we get to the main excuse reason for the trip to Sydney on this specific weekend: the Doctor Who Festival. I've been to Comic-Con in Melbourne twice, but this was a different beast: 98% dedicated to Doctor Who, with little bit of Sherlock (which has many of the same producers/writers/crew members/fans!) getting a look-in too. But its official status meant this event got big guns in

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Photos from March 2005

In my continuing quest to post ten year old photos, I went looking for good stuff from March 2005. There isn't much of interest, alas. It was the month that the new revamped rebooted Doctor Who started -- on 26th March 2005 -- and I did find this photo of Jeremy -- not watching from behind the sofa per se, but close to it. Oh, here's an (official?) tenth anniversary video: Small eggs

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Geek central, Melbourne

They say geek is the cool, right? Geek central in Melbourne must be the corner of Elizabeth and Little Collins Streets. Why? Because within a few metres are no less than three pop culture shops: Firstly, there's the Doctor Who "popup" (eg temporary, until January) shop. Actually it has Sherlock merchandise too, which probably makes it more of a Steven Moffat shop. Secondly, a little

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A day at OzComicCon

We went to OzComicCon for the first time on Sunday. Here are some photos. It was at the Exhibition Buildings, and pretty much filled the space, both upstairs and downstairs, plus a couple of big tents outside, one of which included the main stage. Parts of it got quite crowded, and it was kind of amusing to see people dressed up as the most hideous and frightening monsters in the many universes

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Before home video

In the days before home video, we had to resort to other means to re-live movies and TV shows. Novelisations of productions were common. I knew people who had hundreds of Doctor Who novelisations -- virtually every story had a book published. I had perhaps a dozen. Other books made it into publication -- scripts, programme guides, and spin-off material. Of course these are still common, but

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Day of the Doctor

Well, here we are. Some more thoughts on the Doctor Who anniversary... Warning -- below are spoilers for those who have not seen the special episode yet November 23rd Anniversary day finally arrived. The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special episode "Day Of The Doctor" aired in the UK at 7:50pm GMT Saturday night which is 6:50am AEDT on Sunday morning. Thankfully the technology for the

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This tram is bigger on the inside #SaveTheDay

This tram is bigger on the inside: The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching, and fans are getting into a fervour. Normally it's only sports fans who wake up early to watch live TV. Sci-fi fans? Not so much. All that will change next Sunday morning, when the special anniversary episode Day Of The Doctor will simulcast in Australia and in 70+ other countries around the wor

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I am not the new Doctor Who

Despite how it may look, I am not the next Doctor Who. We went along to the Astor Theatre on Saturday to watch the two 60's Dalek movies -- back from that curious time in British TV and film when they often seemed to remake television shows as big screen movies -- in this case with none of the television cast. They are impressive in parts, and in some ways more watchable than the original v

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Meteor & asteroid on the news – it’s like Doctor Who when they have the fake news bulletins

Over the past 24 hours, seeing the stories of the asteroid close-call and the meteor falling in Russia, it's been a bit like those scenes in Doctor Who where they have a news bulletin about the latest alien invasion.