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A coupla things

The Slap I finished reading The Slap. Great book, provided you don't mind a little fruity language and adult themes in your novels. Looking forward now to the TV adaption. Possums I was just thinking the other day that despite seeing a lot of possums around the neighbourhood, I never heard them in the roof. Then when I was taking a look in the roof over the Easter break, I noticed a sm

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The New Delhi games mess

I'm finding the situation in New Delhi fascinating. For those outside the Commonwealth and/or who haven't heard, the city is having enormous problems getting ready for the Commonwealth Games. Sure, there are always stories like this ahead of big events, but in this case, there's been an apparent terrorist attack (several tourists injured in a gun attack on a bus on Sunday), complaints about the


If your team is out, who are you going for?

If your team is out, who are you going for? First. I'm a Geelong fan, so I'm going for them, of course. Go Cats! What of the others? Equal second. I'd have rated the Dogs or the Saints equally. Both underdogs. I have a girlfriend who lives in Footscray, and a good friend who is a big Dogs fan, but I have a sister who goes for the Saints, and I grew up in St Kilda. Since the Saints won las


Two urns lost

Overnight Australia lost the Ashes, after losing to England by 197 runs. You can hear the joy in Stephen Fry's voice in this short audio post on the subject: Listen! And this weekend my footy tips tanked with just 4 out of 8. With only one more round to go, I now have no chance of winning the Anthony Malloy "memorial" trophy, the truly horrible urn which once adorned my house for an entir


Old names

Was just watching the footy and noticed that the Sydney Swans have the initials of their old name -- SMFC -- on their jumpers near the back of the neck. Had previously noticed that the Bulldogs also have this -- FFC. Collingwood doesn't seem to have it. How many other teams do? Is it a heritage thing? Only the teams that have changed their names? Maybe the footy experts reading will know. Hm