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Ten years ago: the Games

Ten years ago this month Melbourne was in the grip of the Commonwealth Games. As I noted at the time, it was a good excuse to Blame The Games for any delay or anything else going wrong. (Including crowded trains.) But it was also a lot of fun. These photos are from the baton relay as it went down my mum's street. Here's a short video... note the lack of lots of bystanders holding

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Taking up running (again)

Part two of my three part plan for weight loss... (Part 1 is diet via FebFast) I've never been one for organised sport, but I've had a few failed attempts at an exercise regime over the years. In the late 90s, I would regularly go for a short morning run, but I kind of fell out of the habit after a few months. A couple of years ago I got a punching bag, but it hasn't really stuck. I do get a

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Aussie Sportball finals time!

You can tell it's footy finals time -- this rather impressive tribute of sugary drinks was at the Oakleigh South Safeway Woolies this week. Somehow I've won the tipping in Tony's competition for the second year in a row. I think this might mean I get to present the perpetual trophy to myself. PS. The term "sportball" is a mildly mocking word for organised sport, in particular football

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Nagambie’s new life-size statue of Black Caviar

On the way up to Rutherglen for the wedding, we detoured past Nagambie on family business and to stop for lunch. Nagambie's bypass opened earlier this year. Traffic between Melbourne and Shepparton therefore no longer goes via the town, and it's obvious that they've been trying to work out how to ensure some people still come through and patronise local businesses. Their answer? Black Caviar

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Last night’s AFL match result – nowhere to be found in The Age paper edition?

I get The Age delivered on weekends. On Saturdays in particular it's good to lazily read its numerous sections in the morning. So I picked it up wanting to know who won the football last night: Richmond or Fremantle? I just want to know if I tipped it right. Sometimes they have the score on the front page. Not this time. OK, so I flick to the Sports section. Not on the cover of that eit

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Olympics opening ceremony – I liked it

I'm not normally one who really watches the Olympics, but I really enjoyed the opening ceremony of the London games. Not the athletes parade of course; apart from the quite inspiring presence of some of the really troubled countries like Sudan and Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, I'm sorry, but I find it a real yawnfest. But the rest of the ceremony I thought was great. I'm sure this is a conse

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Digital TV can sometimes look like crap

Where digital TV really fails is handling lots and lots of moving objects on screen at once. Look at these two grabs from last night's ABC news. In the first, host Ian Henderson is shown. With little moving, the picture is very smooth -- even with the slightly dodgy ABC blue screen. (See it bigger) Now look at the second grab a few seconds later. It's library footage of Melbourne Storm'