Good riddance

Since I don't have a transport-related post ready at the moment, here's a quick one about music. I'm loving the Sonos system. I'd been warned that buying extra speakers for it was addictive, and it's true. I just got another Play:1. They're the smallest of the range, but they still pack a punch. (All Sonos speakers are $50 off at the moment, until the end of the year... help me, I don't need mo

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Back to the arcades?

Every so often I'll splash out on a new toy for myself. Last year it was a new camera. The year before was a hifi. The year before (just over two years ago in fact) that was an iPad Mini. Those paying attention will know that I had considered adding a multi-room music setup to the hifi. I ended up buying a couple of Sonos speakers, which have been great. Here's another idea that some may con

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A bit of pedantry

I can be a bit of a pedant, so this photo caption in Saturday's Age caught my eye: "Former NGV director Patrick McCaughey" pictured in 1986 -- so was he the former NGV director back then? No -- the article text makes it clear he was the director in 1986. There's a simple way of conveying this in the text, and it's not just me -- it turns out National Geographic has a style guide which

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TreatYoSelf: Sonosed

Brace yourself... a non-transport-related blog post. A couple of years ago I bought a Yamaha surround sound setup, which has been fabulous. I'd single out the sound track on Mad Max Fury Road in particular; very immersive. Heck, even later seasons of the West Wing had some subtle surround going on, adding to the viewing experience. I've used it for music too, and it sounds great. I copied

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The Old Bill

I used to love The Bill, way back when it was a cop show with a sense of realism, rather than a full-on soapie. The episodes I enjoyed the most, season 4 (from 1988) are currently airing on the ABC, in the middle of the day (around 3pm, and again the next morning around 5am). I've got my PVR recording them and I'm checking to see if any memorable episodes pop-up that I want to watch again. B

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Multi-room music (and Star Wars)

Star Wars episode seven is officially out today on DVD and Blu-ray, but I managed to buy it yesterday -- some shops with a name starting with Big and ending in W jumped the gun, as did some with the initials J and B, apparently, though the large W establishment is selling it for $23 (on Blu-ray), which seemed like a pretty good price. It had been available on iTunes and other digital servic

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Video shops are dead – but streaming video ain’t perfect

Let's see if I can go a whole week without writing a blog post about level crossings. Video shops are dead. For a while there was one (or more) in every suburb. Where I live now in Bentleigh there were at least two. Even Glenhuntly, where I lived in the late-90s, had two. They were close enough that mostly, I could walk to them. M's house in Footscray was the exception -- the video shops aro

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Ten years ago: the Games

Ten years ago this month Melbourne was in the grip of the Commonwealth Games. As I noted at the time, it was a good excuse to Blame The Games for any delay or anything else going wrong. (Including crowded trains.) But it was also a lot of fun. These photos are from the baton relay as it went down my mum's street. Here's a short video... note the lack of lots of bystanders holding