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My verdict on the Tintin movie

Look! It's Tintin on a bus... And here's Tintin on a tram (and a tram in Tintin)... So anyway, we went to the Tintin movie yesterday -- in 2D, as 3D doesn't work on me. I enjoyed it a lot. They did a good job of recreating the look of Herge, and there were plenty of references to keep Tintin nerds like me entertained. The first half of the movie had a lot of bits of Tintin stories all


Can you name the man on the couch?

...and if so, how many seconds did it take you? Update 8pm: Yes, many guessed, some didn't. I came across it when I was at home on Monday. Unfortunately I didn't stay tuned... apart from George Cole (better known as Arthur Daley), Sid James and Joan Sims, there was another familiar face somewhere in there, a one-time associate of the above gentleman. IMDB: Will Any Gentleman...? (1953

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A few pics: Myer, trams, crocs and Star Wars

I don't have a proper blog post for you, so here's a few pictures from the last week or so. If you were looking for Myer's Lonsdale Street store, it's gone -- almost all of it except the facade. (When I was a kid, we often went into the City on a Friday night, had dinner at the Coles cafeteria in Bourke Street, then made our way up through the back of Myer to level 6, where the toy departmen

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Grainy vs smooth

From the popup text of the comic reproduced below: We're also stuck with blurry, juddery, slow-panning 24fps movies forever because (thanks to 60fps home video) people associate high framerates with camcorders and cheap sitcoms, and thus think good framerates look 'fake'. The first DVD I played on my old Loewe TV when I got it (in June 2002, though staggeringly I appear not to have blogg


Tron (and why home theatre is so popular)

I don't see a lot of movies in the cinema, so call me slow if you like, but I think I've worked out why big TVs and DVDs and Bluray are getting so popular. Freaking $18.50 for an adult, $13.50 for kids? (And this is at 10am on a weekday -- I don't know if their pricing varies at peak times.) Plus $4 each for Choc Tops, and $3.90 for a bottle of water. $61.40 for a movie with a snack? Gordon

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The toy of the movie of the game

Spotted in K-Mart: Lego Prince of Persia. So let me get this straight... this is the toy of the movie of the video game. I wonder if there'll be (as there was with Star Wars and others) a Lego video game of it. That would be the game of the toy of the movie of the game. (I remember playing the original Prince of Persia game in my uni days. Despite being a fan of the platform genre, I

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Mr Nice Guy

Years ago I got Mr Nice Guy on DVD. It's the Jackie Chan movie that has a lot of scenes filmed around central Melbourne. Given that apart from Jackie himself, I only recognised one actor (Barry Otto), that most of the acting is pretty bad, and the movie is basically all fight scenes, my conclusion was that they hired mostly stuntmen for all the characters. Why would you bother getting real acto

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Bentleigh once had a cinema

I lived in Elsternwick once, and since then have always envied residents there. Everything's there: supermarket, lots of shops, restauraunts, train or tram to city, bus to the beach. And a cinema: The Classic, which originated in 1913, and thanks to investment and renovations in the 90s, survives (and thrives) today. Bentleigh, where I now live, once had a cinema, next to the station. What became

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Quick reviews

A few quick reviews of things I've read or watched recently... (The DVDs fall into the category of "I've been meaning to watch that; I'll buy that if it's less than $10. Ooh, there it is!" One book was borrowed, the other I got for Christmas.) A Hard Day's Night -- got this cheap on Amazon, and thought the kids would enjoy it, which they did. Occasionally the accents are a tad hard to follow


Which movies are suitable for older kids?

As my kids have grown, the choices of movies has become a little harder. With one 14 and the other 11, most kids' movies aren't very appealing, but many adult M-rated movies aren't suitable either. MA15+ is a legal restriction -- kids under 15 can't legally see the movie unsupervised, and although they can see them if supervised by a guardian, that rating doesn't get applied for no reason. It's