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Follow-up comments

I get some terrific comments on this blog. Quite a few of them, too. The database reckons over 6000, though I think there might be some suspected spams in there. Then again, there are some old comments from 2003 that haven't been imported into Wordpress yet. Here's some followups on some recent comments, and on my own recent posts. On ties. Biff commented on the niceness of silk ties. I conc


Emergency undies

Does everybody have a pair of emergency underpants? You know, the undies that are not actually unwearable, but are far from preferable? Not actually falling apart, but maybe the elastic's stretched just a teensy bit too far, or they were a new brand you purchased that didn't turn out to be as comfortable as your "old reliable" brand. You don't want to chuck them out, so you keep them as the eme



Ties are essentially useless. Purely decorative. I bought one yesterday. Nice. What I can't quite come to terms with is men who wear bow ties for everyday business-wear. It just looks wrong. It's like they're trying to scream "I'm whimsical!!" (Awaiting comments from all my bow tie-wearing readers...)

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Jacket required

Following up from yesterday... In many cities, it's common for white-collar male workers to wear shirt+tie, though casual Friday is becoming more popular in some companies. For some people, it appears that even the suit jacket is compulsory, including on the hottest days. From what I can see, this primarily seems to include (male) politicians and TV journalists. On weekends some of them doff

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Runners for the commute

I can understand why some white-collar women wear runners on their commute given how uncomfortable and impractical some of the shoes they wear around the office look. I don't understand why some men feel the same way though. It's not like they wear platform shoes or high heels at work. (Unless their work is odder than they appear.) While it's certainly possible to buy men's shoes that are uncom


Don’t do it

I'm not going to name names, but it seems this needs spelling out. Ladies, DO NOT pull a gentleman's tie. It's not funny. It's just annoying. A tie is a highly-tuned precision garment. Sometimes it's a great deal of effort to get it looking just right. Sometimes it's even a great deal of effort to get it looking even half-decent. You mess with it and it'll be uncomfortable and look awkward u

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Uniform rules

(All the posts from the Sydney trip are now online) Read an article yesterday about new non-tuck school shirts to avoid the endless problems of students not tucking their shirts in. Seems to make sense, particularly in summer. As far as I recall, during my school-uniformed years (years 9-12), while most didn't, I did tuck my shirt in. But then, I was a geek. I also seem to recall I never wor


Brown is the new blue

In an amusing conversation the other week: 25 is the new 18. 36 is the new 25. Cycling is the new golf. Dunno if all this is really true, but I'm discovering for myself that brown is the new blue. There was a stage in my life when I wouldn't be seen dead wearing brown. The other day however I noted I was wearing blue jeans, a brown T-shirt, and an olivey-brown top and coat. (Olive?



In my neck of the woods, drycleaners seem to have a permanent "three for the price of two" deal going on. It'll cost you about $7 to get one item cleaned, but about double that for two or three. It means when I have an item that is in dire need of cleaning, I'll pontificate procrastinate over whether or not I have two more that need cleaning too, just so I can get good value for money. Once


The sock purge

Holeproof brand socks aren't really holeproof. They get holes just as much as any other brand of sock. Over the last couple of weeks, I've done something of a purge of socks with holes in the toes. I had plenty, and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of them were Holeproof brand. I didn't even keep any as "emergency socks." Sometimes you just have to be ruthless (and hope you have enough