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How the 20th century was almost dominated by electric vehicles, rather than petrol

It's amazing to think that had circumstances been different, the western world might have developed its road transport around electric engines rather than fossil fuels. That's one of the key points made by "A Most Deliberate Swindle", by Mick Hamer - the tale of the London Electrobus company, which pioneered the use of electric buses in London in the early 1900s. I was sent a preview copy -- it

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A case to keep my shiny new phone safe

My new Google Nexus 5 phone is going very nicely, thanks very much. But I was pondering getting a case for it. The last thing I'd want is for it to be dropped and damaged. Fortuitously, the good people at MobileZap asked me if there was a product on their site I'd like to review for them. Why yes! Thank you! MobileZap stock lots of accessories for phones and other devices such as iPads, w

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Magazines moving to digital

Magazines aren't quite dead, but they're in trouble. While places like MagNation in Elizabeth Street are often busy, that might hide the fact that it replaced at least two older specialised magazine retailers (Technical Book Shop and McGills) that were in the CBD previously. At Southland, the newsagency that had been there for decades has recently shut. From what I can gather, there's now no

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Lasoo’s iPhone application

My blog's sponsor Lasoo, which provides online catalogues and price comparisons, now has an iPhone application. The media and marketing blog Mumbrella writes: Until you think about its significance, it’s easy enough to dismiss it as just another app. But what it does is bring much closer for consumers the economic concept of the “perfect market” – where there’s total pricing and availability tr

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This blog is sponsored by…

If you're wondering, yes, the banner advert is due to a sponsorship deal. I was quite pleased to see they produced a graphic that fits in well with the blog -- in a similar vein to my post last week on contextual advertising. Lasoo is a web site that compiles and indexes retail catalogues -- particularly handy for someone like me who has opted not to get them in my mailbox. Pers