New Album

Del Amitri has just released a new album. And what a kick in the teeth for their loyal fans - with the new album comes a free copy of their last album. Oh, thanks very much guys. Like we don't already have it. Just 'cos you woke up one Monday and realised you had ARRRGGHHH! thousand CDs left over in the warehouse from three years ago. What do we do with the spare - use it as a frisbee?


First aid/Mobile phones

Just went on a St John first aid course. And just to show you that you'd be in perfectly good hands if you collapsed in the street in front of me, here's an ever so slightly modified version of their drill. Just remember the letters: LCPAH. (It makes it easier if you think of a high-end MacIntosh owner being offered an inferior model: "LC? Pah!") L - stands for Look away. Try and ignor


Changing names

Ever decided to change the way people know you? To use an alternative derivation of your name? Don't. At least, try to avoid it. Unless you act like a fascist about it to the people you already know, it's just too much hassle. New people who meet you will be okay. But anyone who already knows you will still know you by the old name. When you ring them up, you'll be torn between opening with "


Easter Weekend

All right, Easter weekend! Just about the longest of the long weekends, except for Christmas. Four days of unadulterated bliss. Okay, considering what's being remembered on Friday, it doesn't quite make sense to call it "Good", but I can live with that. Jesus gave that we might have a long weekend. Hmmm, doesn't quite have the same kind of ring to it, does it? But let's face it, is ther



We just saw the remains of ELO in concert. The special effects at concerts are getting more impressive. The laser shows, formerly designed to impress, are now designed to partially blind you, and contain subliminal messages telling you to buy the band's new album. The lights and lasers can be incredibly bright. You wouldn't want to be an epileptic. But then, you wouldn't want to be one anyway. A


The curse of the late night joke

It's late at night. You're tired and/or tipsy. Your brain is powering down for the evening. And you are the FUNNIEST person in the world. Whether or not you'll think so the morning after is another matter. Some musicians are not all that popular with the general public, but known and respected through the music industry. These are described as "musician's musicians". But suppose a numb

Film, Geek

To baldly go…

I saw "Star Trek - Generations" over the weekend. Great movie. But I'll tell you what I want to know: Why do none of the spacecraft have seat belts? Whenever there's a battle, whenever a ship crashes into the ground, all you see are people being thrown all over the place. They may have made great advances, with wondrous medical gadgets that can heal wounds in seconds, but they wouldn't n

Working life


I just went to a seminar. I like seminars. Seminars are good. For those of you who are still at university, or are otherwise not reputable hard-working citizens, here's a quick description of how seminars happen. First, some bright spark decides he can charge companies a few hundred bucks to get them to send their people to a glorified slide-show. For this he will hire at least one (1) Expert, a



The Pope arrives in Australia this Wednesday. Same day as Bill Gates. This may provide the opportunity to determine whether or not they are one and the same person. Think about it! You never see Bill and John Paul together at the same time, do you? For all we know, Bill walks out of his Redmond HQ, gets into a phone box and comes out wearing white robes... "Bringing affordable software to the mass