Famous for fifteen milliseconds

Apparently I'm a Net identity. And the web site you're reading is infamous! I know, because I just read it in black and white - well, okay, in black and beige - in the February issue of Australian Personal Computer. They reckon I'm getting a prize for reporting a bug in their own magazine CD. Now, if only the prize was that they published one of my articles... Postscript March 1999: I got to cho


Driving test day

Well. Watch out, world. Because the next street you cross... the next intersection you come to... I could be there! Okay, so actually I don't have a car, but I did pass my driving test today. And you know what - I think I actually enjoyed it. I got a bit stressed beforehand, but during the actual test (there was a drive, followed by the computer simulation thingy), I was pretty rel


The Pot Spot 3

Today was the Australia Day holiday. At least, in every state except this one, where it was "Jeff doesn't want us to have a holiday, but go on, take a day off if you and your boss both feel like it" Day. So anyway, not only did I work today, but we all worked late on getting a demonstration system ready for tomorrow. Murphy never mentioned that everything that goes wrong will go wrong



We're expecting our hall carpet to get replaced soon. Yep, the landlady's finally doing something about all the worn carpet. Originally the plan had been for it to be stretched. It would happen shortly after we moved in, we were told. The guy would come, his carpet stretching equipment (which resembles props from the torture scene of a bad medieval movie) was already in the cupboard, waiting. Wel