December train timetable shake-up

Remember the talk, almost a year ago now, of a shake-up to train timetables, prompted by the introduction of the new trains? These changes are now expected to take effect in mid-December, following on from minor adjustments made in July. Along the way, there have been some tweaks to the plan, but from what I’m  ... [More]

Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from September 2007

Here’s yet another of my blog posts of photos from ten years ago: September 2007. Around this time there was a somewhat sarcastic Metlink fare evasion campaign, which pointed out that fare evaders’ trips were subsidised by everybody else, and that fare evaders should therefore offer to buy dinner or mow the lawn of a  ... [More]


Level crossings: Which are funded to be removed, which are promised?

Updates: September 2017 | November 2018 | November 2020 Jump straight to the list I’ve been trying to sort out the status of all the level crossings from the various lists. Some are fully funded, others are funded for planning, and some are merely promises/pledges from the politicians. I ended up going back to the  ... [More]


Fire hydrants

This is one of those blog posts which is about something really quite mundane but which might possibly be quite interesting in a decade or three. Maybe. You’ve seen lots of these around. This is a fire hydrant. Or at least, it’s the cover of a hydrant. The bits that actually work are underneath it,  ... [More]

Politics and activism

Local council elections: Saturday October 27th

It’s local council election time again. Candidates have been prominent around the streets of Bentleigh, and at least one billboard has popped-up, nicely located so you can see it as you come down this street: I haven’t decided who to vote for yet. Oscar Lobo, pictured above, is running again, and was one of those  ... [More]

News and events Sport

The New Delhi games mess

I’m finding the situation in New Delhi fascinating. For those outside the Commonwealth and/or who haven’t heard, the city is having enormous problems getting ready for the Commonwealth Games. Sure, there are always stories like this ahead of big events, but in this case, there’s been an apparent terrorist attack (several tourists injured in a  ... [More]

Geek Health

How I discovered I’m a bit colourblind

I’m a bit colourblind. It only affects certain ranges of colours. I first realised this when I got a Vic-20. No, really. The default screen colour was white, and the default border colour was cyan. I thought cyan looked like green. People tell me it’s really a light blue, indeed I remember reading an interview  ... [More]


A few pictures

Apparently Jay has a bowel movement. Not sure why he feels the need to immortalise it on his licence plate though. There can be few things less appetising in the supermarket than this: Ham & chicken flavoured knob. Grand Theft Panto? (Sorry, a little joke for the gunzels.) By the way, my old car finally  ... [More]


Why I like O Brother

I’ve got today off, to enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the first day proper of the school holidays, and generally enjoy not having to do any work (touch wood). I’ve seen O Brother Where Art Thou twice in the last month, and I still like it a lot. Recently the kids watched it for the first  ... [More]


The survey part 2

Ron and Jeff’s lifestyle survey, part 2. (See part 1)