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Old photos from January 2006

Continuing my series of posts of ten year old photos… New Year’s Eve 2005/06 was the second year of all-night trains, and I sampled them for myself. Flinders Street station at about 1am was pretty busy. Still some crowds outside, very much a party atmosphere as I recall. The platforms and trains were pretty packed, […]

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The pros and cons of the new #FreeTramZone

Some of the arguments in favour of the Free Tram Zone seem very simplistic. Shaun Carney built a whole opinion piece around this in the Herald Sun on Thursday: basically, it doesn’t matter if it’s poorly thought out, sucks away resources, and doesn’t get people out of cars — if it’s cheap or free, it […]

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Coin deposit reduces dumped shopping trolleys – why don’t they all do it?

Since Woolworths introduced gold coin deposits for trolleys at Bentleigh, you almost never see their trolleys abandoned in the streets. The same can’t be said for Coles Bentleigh, who appear to have some trolleys requiring a coin, and some not — I don’t understand the logic of this. On a walk last night, we passed […]


New timetables in May

A few details have come out about the next lot of Metro train timetables, and there’s some big changes for some lines, as the process of completely re-writing them continues. Here is a summary based on some notes I saw the other day, and my initial thoughts. My assumption is these notes apply on weekdays […]



Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s great to try something new. The idea for this one came from noting the kids getting hooked on Star Trek. Yesterday we headed out for an hour-long sail around the bay on the Enterprize, the replica of the 1829 schooner that brought some of Melbourne’s first settlers from Tasmania. If […]

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That’s an excuse?

“A lot of people died in Iraq today, most of them kids. This is a very minor matter.” — Chris Murphy, Matthew Newton’s solicitor, to reporters. Is this going to be known as the Matthew Newton Defence: claiming what you did wasn’t so bad because there’s worse things going on, unchecked, elsewhere in the world? […]



My old bank sent me a Visa bill the other day. I wonder how many more bills they’ll send before they remember that I cancelled the card several months ago, and one of their staff cut the card up as I watched? (I can’t believe I didn’t blog about that, as they tried to charge […]

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A-Z of links

Saw this elsewhere, a while back… call me slow, but here’s my version. The A-Z of web sites in my browser history (also dubbed “Your personality summarised in 26 links.”) You can figure out your own by typing each letter in the address bar, and copying whatever it comes up with first. You can also, […]

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If you get the chance, check out tonight’s MX, page 17. If you missed it, here’s a scan… See it bigger here. They edited it a tad – the “We’ll all be old or pregnant one day” bit originally added “Okay, maybe not pregnant.” So it sounded rather more bizarre than intended. But fun stuff. […]

Home life

Mowing part II

The mowing kids from D&K Mowing were back yesterday for their second round of battle with the grass and weeds. A week early according to my diary, but they reckoned we’d agreed it would be brought forward. Whatever, the jungle-like area at the back of the garden needed to be attacked at some stage, so […]