You can pause a Myki Pass

Since many people aren’t using public transport right now, some us who have a Myki Pass aren’t getting much out of them. Normally the only option is to get a refund. Because of the way PTV calculates refunds, this often isn’t worthwhile. Back when the COVID-19 crisis was first emerging, your friendly local public transport  ... [More]

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The week in house maintenance

It was house maintenance week this week. I took a couple of days off to do some de-cluttering and get some people in. Hard rubbish got rid of two old mattresses, three former recycle bins, a big plank of wood, an old fan and two disused old bicycles. Amusingly, between putting stuff out/booking the collection  ... [More]


Flinders Street’s entrance crowding problem

A new Myki-related problem has emerged — during evening peak, crowds heading into Flinders Street Station’s Elizabeth Street entrance back up onto the road. This video shows it (though I’m sure I’ve seen worse crowds on occasions) It’s not entirely down to Myki — it’s a combination of surging passenger numbers, space limitations at that  ... [More]


Kmart – promoting responsible parenting

(Or: Acting on childhood obesity.)

Clothes Working life


I have a love-hate relationship with ties. When I started my working life in 1993, almost all white-collar male workers wore ties. Over the years this has dropped somewhat, and I’d hazard a guess that perhaps around 30% now do so. I still wear a tie. I switched a few years ago to a Windsor  ... [More]

Morons on the road

Keep left

What “Keep left” sign? Whatdyamean, “Keep Left”? Tram stop? What tram stop? It doesn’t apply to me. I’ll go where I want. (Sorry about the pic quality.)


I’m going to be poor next month

I’m going to be poor next month. Such is the life of a contractor that you don’t get to claim for public holidays, and since I send in invoices monthly, April’s will be missing not only Good Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day, but also today, as I’m at home convalescing. Yesterday I found myself  ... [More]

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This week’s desktop wallpaper

(From next week’s Aliens of London)


Who’s nostalgic?

Back in my childhood years, there was only one band I really loved: The Beatles. Somehow I found them fascinating through the 70s and 80s, to the point where my mother got sick of hearing my almost-worn-out Sgt Pepper cassette. Then in my late teens, a friend brought over a music video to try and  ... [More]



This morning I got into the car with the kids, turned the ignition key and… the car groaned, then I groaned. Yep, flat battery. Dammit. The lights weren’t left on, honest. So I rang the RACV. The bloke on the phone was cheerful, probably because it wasn’t his car that had broken down. 20-40 minutes,  ... [More]