Friends and loved ones


I didn’t know him — I think I only met once, when we were kids — but know his brother and mother quite well. I was greatly saddened to hear that this week we lost my cousin to depression. RIP Derek, 1980-2014. Lifeline: 13 11 14. Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636.


Have higher weekend train frequencies resulted in huge traffic jams at level crossings? No.

There was speculation from some quarters that introducing 10 minute train frequencies would result in long traffic queues at level crossings, similar to those seen in many suburbs during peak commuting hours. I think this was unfounded. Looking around Bentleigh on a recent weekend, it seems no worse than when trains ran half as frequently.  ... [More]

Consumerism transport

Preaching to the converted?

There’s a billboard facing the light rail (tram) line to St Kilda, near the City Road station. As far as I can see, from its positioning, it is visible only to tram passengers. What’s it advertising this month? It’s Metro’s “This is me” campaign. These adverts have come under some criticism. …encouraging yet more passengers  ... [More]

Home life


And now for something completely different. Glasses. I’ve got a few different types of glasses in my kitchen, many of them remnants from previous collections. From left to right: (1) These used to come as IXL jam jars. You’d use up the jam, dispose of the label and the lid, and get to keep the  ... [More]


Need any clay?

While I was waiting for a train at Brighton Beach yesterday morning, there was a bulldozer doing its thing nearby. I stood there watching it ferrying loads of dirt from one pile to the other. I was pondering if someone could make a mint of money by setting up a quarry somewhere, and letting blokes  ... [More]


A snag at dinner

We were out at dinner at a rather fine restaurant. The food was utterly divine, succulent, delicious. Every course a winner. Only one snag. A piece of metal in the fish. Thankfully easily found, not sharp, and clean, it turned out to be a fish hook, proving, I suppose, that the food was fresh. It  ... [More]


Next / tipping

Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” is next on my reading list. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’ve got beyond the first page. I ummed and ahhed about my footy tips on Friday. I tipped Geelong, then on reading the paper I changed my mind and tipped Brisbane. Then I pondered if  ... [More]


The pre-emptive strike

I’ve launched a pre-emptive strike against my hard drive. I’ve pulled all the data off it and done a low level format on it before it died on me. Oh, make no mistake, it was in the process of kicking the bucket. Ever since I dived into the innards of my PC last week to  ... [More]


The art of refuse disposal

I’ve talked before about my neighbours, and their odd ideas about refuse disposal. Well, now someone’s decided to start clearing out some of the furniture and put it out on the street, someone else has decided it shouldn’t be on the street (and it shouldn’t), and the result is that there’s now an armchair in  ... [More]