Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from February 2010

Here's another in my series of photos from ten years ago. Lonsdale House was a lovely art deco building, pictured here just before demolition. At the time it was thought an Apple Store might be built in its place - it ended up being the Top Man/Top Shop section of the Emporium shopping centre. At Southern Cross, V/Line was getting r


What Mini Metro can teach us about real life public transport

My friend Andrew put me onto the game Mini Metro - it's a rather addictive (at least to me) game where you design and run a metro (or tram) system. The game provides station locations, and travel demand patterns, and you have to work out how the lines should connect them. Gradually more and more locations and people are added. The game finishes when the system gets overloaded and the stations


A quick look around the new Carrum station

I haven't managed to get to all the newly opened stations, but I did stop past Carrum for a little while on Wednesday night. Carrum opened on Monday, with some hiccups - late completion of testing (apparently due to a police operation) and sign-off of new signalling equipment resulted in a delay to the first Monday morning train services, and ongoing issues through the morning peak. https:


Finally: action on footpath motorcycle parking

At last! City of Melbourne tonight will debate changes to motorcycle parking in the CBD. What's the law? Motorcyclists can park virtually anywhere off-road - unless specifically signed otherwise. There are guidelines which aren't communicated well, and are widely ignored. The relevant rule provides exclusions to the usual parking limitations if the driver's vehicle is a motor cycle an


The Myki 90 day myth reborn

Remember back in the early days of Myki when the rumour spread that if you didn't use your card for 90 days, your credit would vanish? It wasn't true. A number of people including me tried to hose it down (not very successfully) but eventually people found via experience that it wasn't the case. My Myki card and Mobile My


What future for the FTZ?

The Free Tram Zone (FTZ) just turned five. It was introduced in January 2015. If you're wondering why there was so much discussion on it last week, it's because submissions to a Parliamentary Inquiry on the topic just closed. Transport Matters Party MP Rod Barton, who moved for the Inquiry, posted an article addressing some concerns with the FTZ. You can see his motivation in all this is co