Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from September 2009

Oops, I managed to miss posting ten year old photos in September.

Better late than never, here they are – at least here is part one – I’ve got a special part two coming up soon.

Centre Place, always lovely. I notice the sign about when it’s closed to vehicles – it’d be a brave person who tried to drive along it at any time, I reckon.

Centre Place, Melbourne, September 2009

Myer’s flagship Melbourne store was getting a huge makeover. Here’s the view from the front, which appears to have exposed some brickwork.

Myer Melbourne renovations September 2009

…and the view from the back. I don’t actually remember where I took this; it must have been from one of the upper levels of the old Lonsdale Street store.

Myer Melbourne under construction, September 2009

At Chadstone, some bright spark decided that the thing bus passengers needed was a waiting room, dubbed the Transit Lounge. I think they tried to imply it was “airport-style”, but if so it’d be the scummiest airport you’ve ever seen – just a few seats and a chip machine, though at least it would provide air-conditioned relief on hot days. Since then the bus interchange has been completely rebuilt. (What bus passengers at Chadstone still need is, of course, more buses.)

Chadstone bus "transit lounge" September 2009

A snap taken opposite the City Square, now taken over by metro tunnel construction. Hilariously, some people haven’t twigged that the giant concrete monstrosity on the site now is a temporary acoustic shed, rather than the entrance to the new station.

Opposite City Square, September 2009

Keeping Melbourne Moving advertised on a tram. At the time, they were using route number 112 for St Kilda to West Preston. Since then the routes have been split into the 11 and 12, which is what they were before.

"Keeping Melbourne Moving" tram in Collins St, September 2009

The old Monash Bus Loop. Since replaced by a shiny new interchange.

Monash Bus Loop, September 2009

Okay, that’s part one of my old photos from September 2009.

Stand by for a very special part two.