Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from March 2009

Here's another one of my regular posts of ten year old photos. That month I upgraded to a Nokia N95 phone, which took far better photos than its predecessor, the Nokia 6230i. Swanston Street opposite the City Square - the old pre-platform tram stops. I'd actually been trying to take a photo of my London Oyster card with the trams in the background. The camera consistently failed to get the

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Private operator, private profits

My blog's RSS feed has been having problems. This has also affected some email subscribers. I think I've found the problem, so hopefully both are working again now. Just a quick post: The Age and Herald Sun reported yesterday that Metro Trains Melbourne made an annual profit of $29 million, on $786 million of revenue -- despite still regularly missing punctuality targets. I'm not sure th


Some thoughts on high speed rail in 2019

There must be a Federal election coming. The Greens have declared their support for funding and building a full fast rail network on the east coast of Australia, serving Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne (as per the official study from a couple of years ago). Yesterday Labor made a pledge to get started on buying the corridor for the same network. And today the Coaliti


Metro tunnel and level crossing works

I was going to blog a few quick things from the past couple of weeks. That post grew too big, so I'm splitting it up... Bustitution is coming With the number of rail projects underway, it should be no surprise that there seem to be major works happening somewhere, every school holidays. In fact for the April school holidays there is so much going on that they've scheduled some works to h


Bus stop stripes

Sometimes I notice tiny things, and wonder what they're about. Have you noticed that some bus stops have a small colourful stripy bit of tape? Intriguingly, many of them seem to match the colours of the logo of the bus operator for that route - even if the buses themselves are now all in the standard PTV orange livery. Here's on

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TMBG – and crosstown trips

On Saturday night at the Croxton Bandroom we saw They Might Be Giants playing a 1990s vs 2000s concert. The night before they'd done a 1980s vs 2010s concert. It was great stuff, very enjoyable. Now that I've heard Instanbul, Doctor Worm and Birdhouse In Your Soul live, I can die a happy man. And there were lots of other great songs - here's a full set list. I particularly loved Man It's So


Some thoughts on transport network pricing

On Saturday I participated in an Infrastructure Victoria session on transport network planning. It was described as a kind of speed-dating session - seven speakers doing quick 12 minute conversations with groups of 4-5 people. They suggested kicking off with an introduction to your view on the topic, then seeing where the conversation takes you. After a couple of goes you pretty quickly get in